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What To Do With Jerusalem Artichokes

What To Do With Jerusalem Artichokes

Often seen as a lesser popular vegetable than it’s rivals the potato or parsnip, the Jerusalem artichoke is a nutritious, sweet-tasting Winter veg to be taken advantage of right up until March time. It can be enjoyed crunchy and raw as part of a salad or cooked in various ways to release the slightly nutty, aromatic flavours.

There are many reasons to swap your roast potatoes for roast Jerusalem artichokes this Christmas, from a rich iron content to an abundance of minerals and vitamin B1 they really are an all-rounder. But with everything it has it’s downfalls, and for me that’s solely down to the nobbly, hard-to-peel exterior. Try to choose those that are more on the straight side to make life easier and waste less!

Aged Balsamic Vinegar

A great accompaniment to any main meal, jerusalem artichokes play the part of a healthy staple food bursting with flavour. Try sautee them in a non-stick pan with garlic, butter, rosemary for around 10 minutes until crispy. Remove from the pan and gently heat the balsamic vinegar in the same pan to collect the remaining pieces of garlic and jerusalem artichoke.

Mashed ‘Potato’

Same concept, different vegetable. Boil jerusalem artichokes in chunks until soft and then rather place into a food processor or mash with butter and a little cream if you wish.

In Soup

Jerusalem artichoke soup is incredibly easy to make and makes for a satisfying Winter warmer. Just fry off some onions and garlic, then add the sliced artichoke to the pan with a pint of vegetable stock. Once soft, blend and add a little cream. I like to add crumbled blue cheese and include leeks in the mixture too, and before I turned veggie there was always some crispy bacon/pancetta thrown on top!


To reap all the health benefits of this root veg, they’re best eaten raw, and it’s surprisingly tasty. Try tossing some raw slices on top of a warm salad with a sprinkling of sesame oil to add some extra crunch.


Scrub them up and leave the skins on for a more rustic style, or peel and chop into chunks then you can rather boil them for 10 minutes first to soften or saute on a low heat. Once this is done place in the oven with garlic or chilli oil, bay leaves, cloves of garlic and herbs for about 20 minutes until crispy. You can also melt a little butter in a pan and add breadcrumbs till slightly browned and pour over the Jerusalem artichokes half way through.

As a Pie

Some of the simplest meals to make are in fact pies, with ready-made pastry available all you have to do is whip up a filling and bang in the oven. Incorporating boiled and sliced Jerusalem artichoke not only adds a mixture of vitamins, minerals and fibre but it creates a slightly garlicky-nutty taste. Try adding leeks, wild mushrooms, onions, hazelnuts and blue cheese (yep, it’s my favourite cheese!)

Even though Jerusalem artichokes are not in fact artichokes at all, they’re tubers, they still make a special addition to any meal and are great for our bodies too. If you can think of any other ways to use them then let us know by commenting below...

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