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Win a Healthy Valentines Bundle with the Tiger Nut Company and RawCo

Win a Healthy Valentines Bundle with the Tiger Nut Company and RawCo

Here's your chance to WIN a bundle of extra-special healthy ingredients from fab Yumbles makers, The Tiger Nut Company and RawCo! Worth £26, the bundle includes a jar of RawCo Coconut Oil, Premium Peeled Tiger Nuts (great for cooking or snacking), Raw Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts, and a Nut Milk Bag so you can make our own Tiger Nut Milk at home.

To enter, just tell us what kind of dish you would prepare with the ingredients in the prize bundle! Leave a comment with the name of your dish below, or on one of our social media posts (find Yumbles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). 

Product info:

Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts are not actually nuts but a small root vegetable packed with superfood qualities!

They are higher in fibre than oat bran and chia seeds, insanely high in vitamin E and have

the same health benefits as olive oil.

Peeled Premium Tiger Nuts

These are large, naturally sweet and ideal for snacking, adding to muesli or as a topping for

yoghurt. A guilt free snack that is sugar free, gluten free, raw, unprocessed, vegan, paleo

and delicious!

Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts

Chocolate and tiger nuts are a match made in heaven! Coated by hand in a special blend of

raw cacao powder , vanilla and cinnamon. A guilt free treat that is sugar free, gluten free,

raw, unprocessed, vegan, paleo and delicious!

RawCo Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is great in food, to power and support a healthy lifestyle and an active

training regime. In addition to its culinary applications, it has a multitude of uses for

skin and beauty including as a moisturiser, lip balm and hair conditioner.

Nut Milk Bag

A good strong nut milk bag makes life so much easier when making tiger nut milk! This bag

is really versatile and can also be used for making jelly, straining stock or sprouting seeds.


Don't miss out on the chance to win this unique and healthy bundle. May the 'nuttiest' dish win!

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69 months ago
Wow! I'd definitely try making some Tiger Nut Cacao Nib Cookies (I'll send a photo if I do!) with a glass of nut mylk to wash them down. As new parents, it'll be an amazing evening treat :-)
68 months ago
I would coat the plain tiger nuts in coconut oil and a mixture of himalayan pink salt, Penzy's Vietnamese cinnamon and maybe a little pumpkin pie spice. I'd bake those until fragrant, then add the cacao dusted tiger nuts. I'd enjoy my snack with home made tiger nut milk-yum!
68 months ago
I would make a power bar to take out mountain biking with me. I would melt some 80% dark chocolate, add both types of the tiger nuts, sprinkle with chia and spread on a baking tray until set. Then break up, put in the nut bag and head out into the hills for a great day...
68 months ago
Sorry, forget to include that I would add a little bit of the coconut oil to the mx before leaving to cool. x
68 months ago
I'd make a great big moist chocolate cake with the coconut oil, and use the nuts and and cacao dusted nuts for decorations!
68 months ago
I'd make a pancake mix using Tiger Nut milk and adding some ground Tiger Nuts...cook the pancakes in coconut oil (they taste delish!)....then fill with whatever takes my fancy. My fave filling is blended tofu flavoured with the zest and juice of a lemon, with a little sugar (or agave syrup) and a splash of vanilla extract....then slice a banana and spread sugar-free marmalade on the pancake. Add a sprinkling of Tiger Nuts and voila!
68 months ago
I would make a milk up using the Nut Milk Bag to make a Thai Peanut curry, using the Coconut oil to stir fry my veggies then add the Nuts at the very end to keep them crunchy !!
68 months ago
I'd make a creamy chicken curry, adding the nut milk and cooking the chicken in the coconut oil. I'd add spinach and the tiger nuts for the perfect finishing touch ...
68 months ago
I would make a nutty thai curry using the coconut oil, nut milk and nuts. Coriander, chilli, turmeric, lemongrass, thai basil, spring onion, shallots, chicken or prawns.
68 months ago
Tiger Nut Truffles for me. I would roughly crush the Tiger Nuts, add a little cocoa powder & agave syrup, plus a pinch of salt, then mix with some softened coconut oil. Roll into balls, possibly coating in desiccated coconut, then chill. Making myself hungry thinking about them!
68 months ago
A great breakfast packed with protein to start the day. Topped with cocoa dusted tiger nuts And lashings of tiger milk.
68 months ago
I'd bake a healthy, grain free fruit crumble..probably cherry. *drool*
68 months ago
I'd cook pineapple and coconut rice :D Simmer brown rice in coconut milk and pineapple juice. Stir fry the cooked rice in coconut oil adding the tiger nuts to the mix and serve - I'd save the cacao dusted tiger nuts for an evening snack.
68 months ago
I'd make some scones using the coconut oil and almond milk then top with the pine nuts, yum!
68 months ago
I think I would make no bake protein nut choc ball for after the gym - or maybe I would opt for a nice flapjack
68 months ago
I'd make some oat muffins with the Coconut oil and Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts.
59 months ago
I would use the Tiger nuts and make a milk, then combine that with the dusted. Then on top of that have some ground tiger nuts with the coconut oil and have the peeled on top, making like a tiger fudge brownie! =D


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