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6 Things to Do Today to Rock Your Summer

6 Things to Do Today to Rock Your Summer

"Another wasted Sunday… Realise, as the long hot days freakishly repeat themselves, one after the other, that whatever I am doing I really think I ought to be doing something else…The more the sun shines the more obvious it seems that others are making fuller, better use of it elsewhere: possibly at some giant softball game to which everyone is invited except me; possibly alone with their lover in a rustic glade by waterfalls where Bambis graze, or at some large public celebratory event, probably including the Queen Mother and one or more of the football tenors, to mark the exquisite summer which I am failing to get the best out of."

– Bridget Jones Diary


The summertime is often portrayed as the best time of year, the time to which everyone looks forward. 

But what if you don’t fit into that category, for whatever reason? It may be that you just prefer the winter months, or it may be that certain difficulties come with the intensity of summer. Perhaps it’s frustrating seeing how bright and warm it is if you’re not able to go outside as often as you’d like, or at all, especially if you are living with chronic illness, caring responsibilities or mental health challenges. 

It can sometimes feel like there’s a pressure to be outside and to enjoy the weather (how many times have you heard the phrase “enjoy it while it’s here”?).

But there are a few things you can do that might make those difficulties a little easier. Planning for summer now can make all the difference later.

1. Firstly, acknowledging that you find aspects of summer hard might help. It won’t necessarily make you enjoy the time more, but it can at least take some of the pressure off, knowing that you don’t HAVE to enjoy it. It’s easy to fall into thinking that we shouldn’t feel like this, but we’ve had some words to say about ‘should’s before. 

2. Prepare. You know the heat makes things harder, so plan ahead and prepare to make things easier when the temperatures soar. Think about the tasks you need to do every day and how heat makes them harder. Setting up options in advance is doing your future self a favour. Can you freeze meals in advance? Get a chillow or fan ready? Discuss a flexible work schedule with your colleagues? Get organised get your cool ducks in a row.

3. Drink up! Make sure you drink enough water, especially when the mercury really begins to rise. You’ll need more than you usually drink, and most don’t drink enough to begin with. I measure out my water in Kilner jars. I aim to drink 4 full jars each day, and keep them close by at all times to remind me to hydrate adequately throughout the day. On exceptionally hot days I make up big jugs of elderflower “champagne”. The recipe is simple and satisfying: filtered water, elderflower blossoms, lemon chunks and whatever other cool goodies may tantalise my taste buds. This sort of high end cool on a sizzling day is divine.

4. Focus on food that feels good for you. It might be smaller but more frequent meals, it might be more raw food. On sweltering days you may not feel like eating – but your body needs fuel and nutrition is essential. Avoid heavy foods and focus on nourishment to get you all the goodness you need. 

5. Rest. If the heat makes you tired, allow yourself to rest more often or in longer spurts. If you find it difficult to slow down, focus on how to rehabilitate your relationship to rest and know your body thanks you. 

6. Carry a fan. I have a collection of fans, fabric, paper, and scented. Collect a few favourites, and enjoy the self-made breeze! Check out to find a special fan just your style.

What are your favourite tips for summer? Let me know in the comments. 

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