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Vegan Baking: Three Alternatives to Eggs

Vegan Baking: Three Alternatives to Eggs

The title is exactly what it says - three alternatives to eggs that you can use if you are choosing to bake vegan. Just as a note, please be aware that all of these ingredients have their advantages and disadvantages and messing with any recipe can cause it to turn out unexpectedly - do make sure you experiment and find out what works best. 

1. Soy Yoghurt. Approximately 200g will replace one egg. This adds the protein and the wetness that an egg adds but won't help what you're baking to rise as well as an egg. If you want to add some extra sweetness, vanilla yoghurt can work as well. 

2. Bananas - half a large mashed banana will replace one egg. This does add quite a strong flavour of banana to any recipe you use. It also doesn't add any protein so won't help your baking to rise. This is best used in no or low rise recipes such as pancakes or breads (where the yeast will cause the rise instead.)

3. Homemade nut and seed paste - for this, simply blend nuts into they are a fine powder and then add water slowly until you make you a paste. (The amount of water differs from nut to nut). This does add a slight nutty flavour and causes a slight rise as the water evaporates. This works best with whole grain flour as it has a slightly stronger taste to combat the nutty flavour. 

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82 months ago
I'm fascinated with the different replacements that people have found. I also heard that sparkling water was a good alternative to help with a rise but you go into much more detail, breaking it down to proteins etc and so I wonder what you have to add to make the sparkling water work? I am slowly going vegetarian so this is all really interesting. Thank you for joining #weekendblogshare


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