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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Him

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Him

Some of us women do spend days, weeks (I won't say months), in advance trying to find the perfect gift for our partner, son, dad even best guy friend. And that's not just for Christmas! So if you, like me, are running out of ideas on unusual gifts, which he will actually love and mean it when he says "that's the best Christmas gift ever!", keep on reading

The Christmas Blend Gin Kit: It's not only trendy looking but it actually makes delicious homemade gin out of a bottle of vodka in 3 different spicy and citrus blends of botanicals.

Wild Venison Charcuterie Platter: Sustainably sourced, straight from the Scottish Highlands. If he's a foodie then look no further.

The Homemade Curing Kit (Bacon): All he needs to make your own sweet and smoky cured bacon at home. Just add pork. 

Personalised Barbecue Spice Powder Collection: All the men I know seem to be mentally connected to barbecues some how. This is a must-have for those who like to grill as it lets them be creative and make something yummy at the same time.

Five Year Aged Rum Gifts Chest with a Personalised Scroll: Exceptional rum aged in American oak, bourbon barrels for five years before being blended in small batches on the Caribbean.

Personalised Coffee Gift Tin: Does he drink coffee? Now he can thank you every single morning.

Monthly Steak Subscription Gift: Free-range fine steak from gourmet butchers, every month at his door. 'Nough said.

Chocolate Coated Tuile Cigars: One of the finest chocolatiers in the country (also ex Head Pastry Chef of Fat Duck), has made the perfect gift for chocolate lovers

Ultimate Pale Ale Craft Beer Brewing Kit: Is he a beer lover? Let him brew his own beer with an all-natural, traditional way and get him started in a new hobby.

Godminster Cheese Hamper: Artisan, vintage cheese and fine wine - a sure thing for every foodie

If you are still undecided check out the entire Christmas Gifts for Him category.

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