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Make the Maker - Marvellous Superfood

Make the Maker - Marvellous Superfood

Marvellous Superfood started in 2002 by a marvellous mum of six, Dixey. Raising her six children on a limited budget, she wanted an affordable high quality superfood to give them. All she could find on the market was either full of fillers or beyond her budget so she created her own Wellbeing Blend. Her children loved it, so did her friends who started buying sandwich bags full whenever they could. Dixey used to say: "Have some of my marvellous superfood kids!" and that’s how the business was named in 2012 by her two daughters Roxy and Perly. Wellbeing Blend is their original recipe to this day. Here Roxy, shares their story!

Tell us a few words about the launching of your business.

We knew our mum had created a great product and that between us we had a great skill set so we went about registering the business organic and designing the branding. We've since launched numerous other products but we keep our mums key aim of high quality products available to all at the heart of our business.

Tell us a bit about your ingredients and how you source them.

We use high quality, pure raw, organic superfoods from suppliers who care about the planet and our fellow human beings as much as we do.

Do you still eat/ drink your product?

Yes! I LOVE our all natural drinking chocolate Coconut Cacao, it's an instant, dairy free blend while my three-year-old daughter enjoys a cup of Super Cacao daily. I also use Red Maca powder for energy and hormone balancing. Perly has Nutrient Pure, one of our plant based protein powders in a smoothie every morning and we all enjoy Wellbeing Blend for a good pick me up!

What is your favourite product from your range and why?

I'd struggle to choose just one. We have a really broad range of products and they all have a place in my diet. I'd say the product we use the most of is Super Cacao as it's super versatile. Great as a bedtime treat but also excellent in smoothies and cakes.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most and why?

I LOVE receiving correspondence from people telling us what a great change our products have had on their life or health - we get a quite a few but responding is always a pleasure. Apart from that I'd have to say recipe testing - it's a tough job but someone has to do it. ;)

What have been some memorable business challenges along the way?

We've grown the business very organically - we've never had any big investors or cash injections. It can be hard never having a big lump of money to throw at advertising or to upgrade equipment. Keeping our products affordable and high quality is important to us and that brings its own challenges!

Discover all organic, natural food, drinks and superfoods, entirely plant based and sweetened with nature by Marvellous Superfood and enjoy! 

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