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The Future of Food? 5 Food Trends

The Future of Food? 5 Food Trends


A look at some of the latest food innovations that might just be here to stay. 


Sleepy Foods

Sleep issues are reported to be the global health epidemic of the modern era. Could what we eat do more to help us overcome our sleep issues?    Sleep Well is a natural milk drink made with Jersey milk, honey and valerian to help you relax and sleep well. Valerian root has been used for over 2000 years to help calm people down and get them to sleep. A natural solution to a very modern and common problem.


Known as one of the happiest foods on the planet this nutritional powerhouse is coming out from the ingredient list of confectionery and taking centre stage.   One such celebration of pure cacao is Boca Cacao a 100% pure cacao coffee alternative drink made from carefully fermented, lightly roasted and ground whole cacao beans - nothing else.

Non-alcoholic Botanical Spirits

We're a gin loving nation there's no question but what about when you can't drink alcohol or want to cut back and yet don't love the thought of the usual sweet soft drink alternatives. Step forwarded Borrago, part of a growing movement towards producing credible non-alcoholic alternatives for more sophisticated palates. This is a naturally delicious grown-up drink with no alcohol, sugar or calories.  

Vitamin Enriched Teas

t + vitamin super teas are an industry first.  Their range of functional teas is made by blending functional herbs, green tea, natural fruit flavours and 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins in every single clever little teabag! 

Not chocolate 

Chocolate is a pervading pleasure for so many of us and this is unlikely to change.  With consumers increasingly more mindful of what they eat coupled with growing food intolerances and special diet preferences this has created a new genre.

There’s a raft of chocolatiers now developing healthier chocolate alternatives, with high quality cacao, nothing but good natural ingredients and replacing refined sugars with alternatives that are widely regarded to be healthier like coconut sugar.   Crucially many chocolatiers in this space are succeeding in creating truly delicious chocolate - Raw Halo, Pana Chocolate, G.ORG.E to name just a few.

And then there’s kAAKAO with their insanely tasty no-added sugar, plant powered "not chocolate". The chocolatier who makes it is on a mission to serve discerning chocoholics who have a restricted diet or health issue, with a treat that tastes the same if not better.   EU law defines chocolate as cacao + sugar so kAAKAO's bars, which are sweetened only using dates, can't officially be called chocolate.


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