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Top 10 Vegan Chocolate Bars

Top 10 Vegan Chocolate Bars

Vegan chocolate has come a long way with so many chocolatiers now producing first and foremost truly tasty, luxurious chocolate, that just so happens to be free of all animal products. On Yumbles, we feature dozens of vegan chocolatiers hand-picked for the quality and taste of their vegan chocolate.

Here we bring you the top 10 best selling vegan chocolate bars.

Avocado Dark Chocolate Bar

This chocolate bar is made out of 100% Natural Organic Hass Avocado Pulp Powder from the best avocados in the world in Michoacán Mexico, combined with delicious Dark chocolate from Ecuador.

The avocado has all the same great taste, smell, colour, texture, vitamins, minerals (and oils) of the original fruit. To top that, it's paired with Ecuadorian Arriba cocoa beans which are considered the world's best, with a wonderful complex aroma and some variation in the taste.

Raw Chocolate Mylk + Vanilla

This organic mylk raw chocolate with vanilla extract is made with raw Peruvian cacao, cashew nut butter, coconut sugar and lucuma powder. It's a deliciously creamy bar that's glowing with goodness. Made with only organic ingredients.

Raw Sour Cherry and Vanilla Chocolate Bar

These raw chocolate bars are made with 60% raw cacao, sour cherries and vanilla bean. 

Completely raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free, organic, with no refined sugar, these bars are all handmade and hand packaged. Smooth, rich, and silky, they're full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Raw Organic Snackers Bar

These incredible raw organic Snackers Bars are free from dairy, gluten, refined sugar and eggs.

Enjoy the flavours of cashew and vanilla nougat style bars topped with a unique caramel recipe and hazelnuts/brazil nuts. Hand made, hand cut and individually double dipped in raw 90% dark chocolate!

Handmade Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Bar with Lime & Sea Salt

This is a bar with an interesting twist, juicy lime and subtle sea salt combined with creamy dairy free milk chocolate.

Made specifically for those with dietary restrictions in a dairy free factory, and free from dairy and gluten, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Raw Chocolate Mylk + Goji Berry and Vanilla Bar

Enjoy the deliciously creamy taste of this bar.

Made with only organic ingredients, cashew nut butter, unrefined coconut sugar and lucuma powder, and of course using the finest whole goji berries and enriched with pure vanilla.

Raw Chocolate Dark + Salted Caramel Bar

A delicious combination of organic Peruvian dark raw chocolate with a vegan friendly caramel flavour extract and pink Himalayan salt.

Bursting with rich flavours, making it a truly indulgent but all-natural treat. Check it out.

Raw Strawberry & Pistachio Chocolate Bar

This bar is made with 50% raw cacao with strawberry and pistachio pieces. A royal combo, with a delicate sweet, jammy, tarty punch.

Not to mention the rich, smooth and velvety texture. Meant to be consumed without any guilt!

Vegan Chai Raw Chocolate Bar

Enjoy the beauty of the Orient and the Amazon combined in this bar. The mixture of Indian spices take you around the globe from Peru to Java and via India back to the Cotswolds.

Made and packaged by hand so that you enjoy the best possible raw and vegan chocolate.

Organic Hemp 74% Dark Chocolate Bar

Organic 74% dark chocolate with added raw hemp seeds, 6 grams to be precise, which is the recommended dosage for optimum human health.

The finest organic & fairtrade chocolate and raw de-shelled hemp seeds are used to create a delicious yet healthy chocolate range. Handmade, vegan and nut free with a protein kick from the raw hemp. 


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