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7 must-try CBD products

7 must-try CBD products

CBD, or cannabidiol, is found in cannabis plants yet does not have the same psychoactivity as THC. CBD consumption has reported benefits - it is said to help combat anxiety and depression, and offer pain relief.

It comes as no surprise then to see an increase in demand for CBD infused products. More and more independent makers across the nation have started to experiment with CBD, infusing their handmade goodies with CBD oil.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite British CBD products, including CBD truffles, CBD macarons and CBD-infused tea.


CBD Chocolate Truffles by Mr Prempy's

CBD extract from organically grown hemp, infused into an intense chocolate ganache and dipped in 90% raw dark chocolate. They are made to order, free from gluten, organic certified and suitable for vegans.


CBD Infused English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea by CBD Hemporium

Delicious, gourmet CBD-infused English breakfast tea - a blend of Indian Assam and Sri Lankan Ceylon. CBD Hemporium source their CBD from organic hemp grown outdoors in Colorado, USA.


Limited Edition Cannabis & Grapefruit Gourmet Marshmallows by The Marshmallowist

Gourmet marshmallows hand-crafted with a touch of… unexpected. The non-psychoactive CBD is combined with fresh grapefruits and pink peppercorns to give the flavour a delicious citrus lift and a touch of spice.


9 Organic Baked Donuts (Vegan) by Organic Livity

A box of 9 hand-crafted, delicious plant-based donuts, freshly made to order. The flavours? Red velvet, lemon coconut caramel, hemp wheatgrass. Free of nut, gluten and 100% organic.


Vegan Hemp Pesto - Fresh Basil (2 pack) by Themptation

Great for pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches, this raw vegan hemp pesto is made with organic basil, cold pressed hemp seed oil and raw hemp seeds. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and delicate it tastes.


Organic Hemp Chocolate - Spreadables (3 pack) by Themptation

Themptation craft their vegan and nut-free dark chocolate spread using raw hemp seeds, coconut sugar and raw cacao powder. Packed with plant-based protein, fibre and essential minerals, it truly is guilt-free food at its best.


Organic CBD Macarons (Vegan) Gift Box by Organic Livity

Unique, delicious superfood French macarons, perfectly presented in a sustainable, eco-friendly box. Made fresh to order with GMO free, organic CBD without any additives, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colourings.

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