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What Is National Vegetarian Week?

What Is National Vegetarian Week?

What Is National Vegetarian Week?

National Vegetarian Week was created with the intent to spread one message: that vegetarian meals can not only be delicious, but they can also help the environment. As more and more foodies all around the world are starting to shift toward mindful diets and lifestyles, both for personal and environmental reasons, plant based alternatives to meat and dairy are becoming increasingly popular.

During National Vegetarian Week, events are held across the country to help educate students and communities about the benefits of meat free diets. The Vegetarian Society provides resource packs and newsletters outlining events, activities and recipe ideas to help inform and inspire people of all ages to participate in National Vegetarian Week. National Vegetarian Week is also backed by celebrities, including comedian and author Stephen Fry and actress and activist Joanna Lumley, who believe in the good that can come from eating meat free.

The Vegetarian Society are passionate about emphasising just how vibrant and exciting vegetarian dishes can be, and how accessible veggie food is. And they’re certainly not alone; during this awareness week, urban chefs up and down the country serve veggie food to their local communities, charity vegetarian lunches are organised, and community groups and schools can apply for grants in order to host their own veggie events, helping spread the message further.

Thinking of going vegetarian for a week?

If you’d like to give meat free living a go, there are plenty of vegetarian foods and treats for you to enjoy, crafted in small batches by independent British makers. With choices including favourites such as meat free burgers, bacon and steaks, preparing vegetarian meals for the week has never been easier. 

Getting a friend or loved one to join you can also make the process easier and more fun. Some people require a little bit of extra motivation to change their diets though… How about a vegetarian hamper stuffed with artisan produce or a plant-powered sweet gift to entice them with? Our curated selection of gifts for vegetarians includes organic raw chocolate boxes, gelatine free marshmallows, and more.

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