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Best BBQ Tips For Beginners

Best BBQ Tips For Beginners

Best BBQ Tips For Beginners

Warmer days, friends, drinks, and delicious food… We just can’t get enough of BBQ season. Barbecuing can be incredibly fun, but it does take a bit of practice. Unlike grilling, where high, direct heat is used, barbecuing requires consistent low heat and longer cook times. Meats higher in fat content are also preferred since they provide a more tender, flavourful result over a long cook. 

If you’ve never attempted it before, you might be wondering how to cook on a BBQ. Not to worry - read our top BBQ tips for beginners below and get started right away.


The key “ingredients” to a successful barbecue? Just the right amount of time and temperature. Think slow and low - between 105°C and 135°C, or half the heat intensity you'd normally use with a grill. We know that waiting for your food to cook might feel like a lifetime when you’re hungry, but a tender, moist, juicy meal is worth it.


Invest in a cooker or grill that burns charcoal or wood, such as a barrel and drum, bullet-style or offset smoker. Different types of wood can be used to smoke the cuts and add aroma, so take that into consideration. A well-built, airtight cooker is essential as it will prevent unwanted oxygen flow that can cause inconsistencies in temperature and uneven cooking.


Whether you choose chicken, pork, or beef, it's important to know what internal temperatures you should be aiming for, for the type of meat you’ve picked. Keeping the temperature even throughout as well as ensuring the meat retains its moisture are key. BBQ thermometers are a good way to do this.


Aside from using smoke woods, such as apple or hickory, to add aroma to your meat, sauces and rubs are also an excellent way to achieve the flavours you love. Some of our personal favourites: the BBQ Expert Collection by Gourmet Spice Company, Hot Sauce Collection by World of Zing, and Barbecue Spice Blends & Meat Rubs by Spice Kitchen.


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