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What is Fairtrade Chocolate, and Why you Might Want to Buy it.

What is Fairtrade Chocolate, and Why you Might Want to Buy it.

You are likely to have seen Fairtrade mentioned on foods in the past, but what does this really mean?

Simply put - Fairtrade is a model of sustainable, ethical practices that puts people and the planet first.  

What does this mean exactly?

The Fairtrade movement supports the fair distribution of profits. When you buy chocolate that's been Fairtrade certified, you know that the farmers and workers who produced the cocoa in it have received an additional Fairtrade Premium on top of the price of their crop. With that amount they are able to cover household costs, education, food, healthcare, they can invest in their communities or even use it to fight any effects of climate change that comes their way.

Why is this important?

Many cocoa farmers today struggle to make a living and some work up to 14 hours a day. Over the last couple of years, the price of cocoa beans (beans that make all that delicious chocolate we crave everyday) have slumped due to the high increase in demand and many farmers struggle as the pay and rewards are so limited. The uncertainty in prices makes it impossible for cocoa farmers to know how much they would get paid for their cocoa beans at the end of each year. On average, cocoa farmers earn just 6% of the final value of a bar of chocolate. I'll let you do the math...

Fairtrade therefore aims to make cocoa farming more sustainable, helping farmers and their families plan a future.

On Yumbles we feature many fairtrade certified chocolatiers like, Pana Chocolate, Cocoa Loco, Rawr Chocolate and more.

Why not take a second and discover our range of fairtrade certified chocolate. You might just find what you've been looking for, while supporting ethical and fair farming practices. 


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