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Tips - Incredible Sauces to Upgrade Any Dish

Tips - Incredible Sauces to Upgrade Any Dish

Spice, saucy, salty … Condiments are pantry essentials, sure, but what happens when you discover the best buffalo sauce you’ve ever tasted? Or the best Japanese inspired sauce that can upgrade any dish and make you feel like a chef in the kitchen? What would a burger be without ketchup? And what happens when you discover a sweet and tangy tamarind ketchup for your fish & chips?


These are just some of the questions that were playing in my head for the past month, so I decided to sit down and shortlist all my favourite condiments so that everyone can experience these amazing bursts of flavour. Whether it’s cooking for your loved one at night, whipping up a Sunday brekkie for your children, or just mixing it up in the kitchen, I’ve rounded up a selection of sauces that will bring much joy to your cooking experience.


You can also consider these condiments to be the perfect gift, as they will become stapes for serving meals at home. Some can inspire new recipes, some can become excellent gifts when you need a hostess present, some can inspire gathering traditions, and so much more. You only need imagination and ... something saucy.


Starting up with the smoky ones, the most popular ones in our pantry, this smoky paste with chipotle chillies and tomato will become your new cupboard staple.

This chipotle in adobo smoky paste is first on the list and will make the dish taste exactly what you want it to.

Cooking tip: mix it with some oil and garlic and make it your go-to secret marinade. Mhm…

 There's also this incredible smoky BBQ sauce with Cornish moonshine which is an excellent Cornish take on the traditional bourbon bbq sauce, and for the coconut oil lovers, I suggest this smoky paprika coconut oil that is so easy to blend into any dish and brings out flavours and aromas of Moroccan cuisine.


Looking for something with a little more zing? Spin your dish around with an Asian firecracker paste with garlic, tamarind and lemongrass or choose an eclectic Orange Poke sauce to add a subtle Asian sweet kick to it. You know what i'm thinking right now... Time to electrify those stir-fries!

You can have a look at all of our other gourmet ingredients here. Which sauce will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments below what cooking tips you have to share!


If you are interested in making your own sauces and condiments then the best handmade vegan sauces is the perfect place to start!

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