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The Best Handmade Vegan Sauces

The Best Handmade Vegan Sauces

 Going vegan is something we all contemplate at least once a year … Well, at least I do.


Yes, going vegan is all about eating more vegetables and plant-based proteins, cutting out all animal products, forgetting all about meat and fish and eggs. But what about sauces? Does going vegan mean that I have to compromise on flavour? I did my fair amount of research to find out that the answer to that is 'NO'!


While many common sauces do in fact contain eggs or dairy, I’ve created a list of more than 5 rich in flavour sauces that can make any vegan and non-vegan alike stop for a moment and reconsider! Here are the top 4 businesses that make plant-based sauces that can satisfy your cravings, jazz up those kelp noodles and upgrade that salad by 1000%. Grab your plate, prepare your beautiful veggies and enjoy.


We all love chillies! Proud to be a Great Taste Producer, The Chilli Jam Man is all about creating delicious handmade chilli jams that are full of flavour, vegan friendly and gluten-free. Beware, these sauces pack a punch! Use with care.


Whether you’re a vegan beginner or a pro, these coconut flavoured oils by Zing Foods will not disappoint. This Mellow Turmeric coconut cooking oil for example has become one of my favourite things to splurge on in the kitchen. Melt it, use it in seasonings, use it to fry your veg of choice, or enjoy it as you wish.


Bring out those noodles! It's time to sprinkle them with sauces by the incredible Nojo. Thank me later… Nojo, a small business making waves in the sauce world, can magically transform any meal into something really special. Try their vegan Tahini noodle sauce or their award-winning Teriyaki sauce and experience something deliciously wonderful.


Last but not least, Origin Kitchen is also on top of the list. They create spreads made with 90% vegetables, herbs and cashews and are a dream to use as their spreadability is very, very serious (think creamy, nutty and smooth). Steamed creamy mushrooms and dill, sun-dried tomato and basil pesto are their best-sellers. Dip it, spread it, throw a spoonful in your sizzling dish and you are guaranteed success.


Go on then…don’t be shy! Let me know which one you’ll be favouring for your next meal! You can browse through more vegan sauces before making a decision! 


Want some tips on how to get the most out of your sauses? Here are our tips - incredible sauces to upgrade any dish.

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