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The Royals' favourite alcoholic drinks

The Royals' favourite alcoholic drinks

We all love to indulge in our favourite party tipples every once in a while, whether that’s at a family party or after a busy day at work. Some enjoy a glass of chilled wine, some a cheeky after-dinner whiskey, and some, like myself,  can't wait to mix it up and wait for cocktail hour.


Well, it’s not surprising that the Royals like a drink now and again too, with several members of our favourite prestigious family revealing their favourite drinks over the years … And we have been taking notes.


Let’s see what Her Majesty enjoys sipping on at home …


The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, like many of us gals likes her glass of red wine. She even has a lifestyle blog called ‘The Tig’ after ‘Tignanello’, the popular Italian red wine of Tuscany. The wine is a beautiful rich blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.


Remember when the Queen’s chef splurged out that Her Majesty enjoys a cocktail every now and again? Yes indeed … In 2017 chef McGrady told CNN that the Queen’s favourite drink is in fact a gin and Dubonnet. He also added that if she chooses wine with her dinner, she’ll go for a German sweet wine.


Moving on to the Duchess of Cambridge, did you know that dearest Kate has a penchant for Guinness? In 2019, during her visit to Ireland, she expressed her affection towards a pint of Guinness, and even threw back a couple of them! We also love our pints, Kate. You’re one of us.


Prince William also enjoys a good pint. When it comes to drinking, he was spotted several times enjoying a beer - that time in 2020 for example when he was spotted at the London’s Prince Albert pub in Battersea enjoying a pint with his friend and ex-England midfielder Lampatrd.


And last but not least, our Harry is, alas, also a beer man. One of his favourites ought to be the pale ale that’s was developed in honour of his wedding by Eton Brewery.

Now you know what the Royals enjoy why not follow in the Queen's footsteps and see what craft gins you can add to your Royal Cocktails. 

Need some help choosing the right gin for you? Check out 5 British Gins For Spring for inspiration and tips on how to make the perfect coctail. 

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