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How to Make the Perfect Cheeseboard

How to Make the Perfect Cheeseboard

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, with cheese whichever way you cut it its beautiful.

Each individual cheeseboard we create is from the heart and designed to tantalise the tastebuds as well as delight the eyes. Product, flavour, colour and texture are the key elements of creating the ultimate cheeseboard. A cheeseboard can be created for every occasion and event – it has been known that even those that don’t love ‘buffets’ have (quite literally) eaten their words when it comes to a bespoke board.

Ok, lets dive into the principles of creation, first is the produce you use on your cheeseboard. Quality is key, this is extremely important as you really can taste artisan produce (although we are not snubbing supermarket cheese as some finds in your local shops are equally as delicious – we are not expecting you to travel the globe on a cheese hunting adventure but choosing the best affordable quality is advised). Our cheese staples change from time to time dependent on availability and event, however, our recurring favourites are a vintage cheddar, our favourites are Wookey Hole Vintage or Lincolnshire poacher. A nod to all the creamy cheese lovers with a brie style cheese, our ultimate favourite is Brie De Meaux or if we are going British it must be a truckle of Baron Bigod. A good gouda is a friend to everyone and will encourage cheese conversation around the table, our staple gouda go-to is Old Amsterdam or if we are feeling wild a Gouda with truffles. A controversial must-have is a good blue, heaven for some our choices would be a Cote-Hill Blue or Colston-Basset Stilton. Our last cheese-stop is goats cheese and the clear winner is Ferme Chevre.

Now that we have the product we will move on to flavour enhancement and texture. This is our favourite step as flavour can transform a ‘mere’ cheese platter into a showstopper with just a few simple additions such as fresh figs (of course), locally made chutney of your choosing, the finest crackers and to really ‘posh up’ your spread go for local hand cut honeycomb (delicious with cheese or everything else). You could then go down the Mediterranean route and include fresh olives, antipasti, artichoke hearts and infused pesto. When choosing your cheese and accompaniments think what would work well as a whole bite – build and layer each flavour combination on rustic bread or crunchy crackers – for instance our go to bite would be rustic bread topped with a creamy Brie, honeycomb and walnut finished with a viola.

Colour is VERY important – nobody wants to dive into a sea of beige but add pops of colour and voila instantly more inviting and delicious. Colour can be included everywhere from sweet red grapes, dark green cornichons, deep blackberries and of course our signature addition to our platters – the edible flowers and seasonal garnishes. Eating flowers is a wildly luxurious concept which doesn’t break the bank. Go for seasonal blooms such as nasturtiums, pansies and viola. A little trade secret to a stunning (and not chaotic) finished board is to group your colours together when placing.

Happy cheeseboard creating!

Fig & Flower x

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