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10 Best Father's Day Cakes for Dads (and anyone who loves cake)

10 Best Father's Day Cakes for Dads (and anyone who loves cake)

Isn’t cake the best possible way to celebrate someone? We think so. 

Maybe Dad is a sports enthusiast who showed you how to throw your first hoop, maybe he’s a tech savvy who’s always up to date with the latest gimmicks & gadgets, or maybe he like being silly on lazy Sundays and loves telling Dad jokes when you’re feeling blue. Nevertheless, here’s to all Dads who have been there since day one. Here’s to Dads who never failed to show up. Here’s to Dads worth celebrating - with a great, utterly delicious, freshly baked cake. 

I’m sure not ALL Dads love cake, but there’s a simple solution to that. A celebratory cake can come in the form of a brownie, a giant cookie, a welshcakes bundle, or even a cottage pork pie (yes, indeed!). Slice it, serve it, enjoy it!

Here’s our list with the top 10 Father’s Day cakes that can be personalised, just for Dad on his special day.

1. A gooey, chocolate personalised brownie slab with chocolate chip pieces. The slab is approximately 20cm long, which means it can  also be shared - or not! Personalise it with your message, enjoy it freshly delivered or put it in the microwave for 40 seconds end enjoy it piping hot and gooey. Arrives in a reusable tin which can be used again once you’re done with the brownie. 

2. Personalised cupcakes must be the sweetest, most thoughtful cake gift ever. Choose from Madagascan vanilla and buttercream cupcakes that can be personalised with printed iced toppers and your own message and font, or go for personalised photo cupcakes and decorate the cupcakes with a photo or drawing. 6 delicious cupcakes means 6 cute photos to be printed on each one!  Send it through the post and let it land straight on Dad’s doorstep.

3. This personalised letterbox cake is decorated and embossed to order, then beautifully wrapped, securely packaged and sent as a wonderful treat to Dad’s door. Choose from vanilla or chocolate, choose your colour and iced decoration and just send it over. 

4. If Dad’s a sweet tooth, then a hamper filled with baked treats might be his favourite celebratory cake. This cakes, tarts and baked treats box by award-winning bakery in Yorkshire includes all the goodies for Dad. Fruit cakes, flapjacks, biscuits and treacle tarts baked using a secret family recipe that’s been in the family for over 100 years. 

5. Go Welsh - if Dad is a welshcakes guy, then a box of 10 freshly baked welshcakes is the way to win his heart this Father’s Day. A little piece of Wales, sent through the post, made with the finest Welsh butter. 

6. You could also go for the Taste of Wales gift box which includes 10 freshly baked welshcakes and a delicious loaf of freshly baked bara brith wrapped in rustic style paper and twine. 

7. If Dad has any dietary requirements, Nummy has delicious bakes that’ll do the trick. These vegan millionaire tarts are refined sugar free and dairy free, handmade from scratch using oats, caramel and covered in sugar free 72% dark chocolate. View all baked goods from Nummy

8. On the lookout for an aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous food gift for Dad? These award-winning floral brownies are a floral feast for the eyes and a divine treat for Dad. Delightfully decadent, rich and incredibly fudgy vanilla chocolate brownies finished off with edible flowers and your own personal message for pops. 

9. How about a family cake box (so you can save something for yourself too). Gluten-free and vegan cakes in many flavours, from classics like Carrot cake to unique creations like Mango and Ginger or Pink Berry Rose cake. Intriguing enough? 10 different cake slices, 10 different flavours, all plant-based and gluten-free. 

10. Win best child of the year award and give Dad the ultimate cake gift - a cake subscription so he can enjoy fresh cake every month of the year! Ginger Bakers cake club subscription can be gifted to anyone who loves cake and each month the recipient will receive a fruit cake, a sponge cake and 4 tray bakes. 

Found a cake gift for Dad yet? See more unique cake gifts here. 

Is Dad more of a cheese-fan? Check out this gift guide including 11 of the best cheese gifts for 2022

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