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Game Changing Indoor BBQ Tips by the Expert

Game Changing Indoor BBQ Tips by the Expert

We’ve asked the experts to give us some exceptional BBQ tips as we plan ahead our BBQs for Summer.

Ross Bearman, Director & Founder of Ross&Ross food certainly knows his stuff with years of knowledge working with fine food! Having previously judged at the Great Taste Awards and the World Cheese Awards, we’ve asked him to share some tips and tricks on how to perfect our next BBQ at home.

The three main tips for perfecting your indoor BBQ:

"First, cast iron is king!" If you think indoor grilling means you need to stock up on all the gadgets - he can safely say that there’s no need. Apparently, your trusty cast iron pan is perfect for searing any meats and vegetables. Just ensure that your pan is well heated before you start grilling, you’ll want to hear a satisfying sizzle when the meat hits the pan.

Be generous with your oil. It’s extremely important to oil both sides of whatever you’re BBQ-ing or grilling. Extra Tip: Rapeseed oil is great for grilling as it can withstand high temperatures and allows a high grilling point. You can always opt for a garlic infused oil as this will elevate the meat, making it taste like it’s just come off a charcoal BBQ. 

And lastly, get your salts and rubs ready beforehand. It’s best to avoid marinades and sauces when taking the BBQ as the sugar content in the sauces creates a lot of smoke indoors. Instead, look for salts and other rubs when marinating your BBQ food of choice, which is less likely to stick to the surface of what you’re grilling than a marinade would. If you’re cooking chicken, using a marinade can actually cause the meat to be steamed rather than seared, creating a rather soggy final product. 

What are the best meats to use on the BBQ?

When it comes to suitability for your grill, expensive cuts are not necessarily the best cuts. Leaner cuts can become tough and leathery whereas cuts with a good marbling of fat will most likely remain tender after cooked. The cuts that work best when grilling on the BBQ are rib-eye and strip steak. 

But, what’s marbling?!

Good question! Marbling refers to the small deposits of fat that run through the meat and keep it moist when it cooks. Intensively grown supermarket meats for example, tend to have less marbling than slower grown breeds. When cutting into your steaks or chops, you can spot the marbling but it can sometimes be a gamble with larger joints of meat. Try feeling the cut when it’s fridge cold, if it feels particularly firm, it’s likely to contain more fat and better marbling. 

We're definitely trying these three simple things at our next BBQ gathering. Based in the Cotswolds, Ross&Ross’s best selling gifts range from Home Curing Kits (especially the smoky bacon curing kit), British BBQ boxes and British Roasts, so our trust in his BBQ expetise is rock solid.  

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