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How To Make The Perfect Picnic

How To Make The Perfect Picnic

Hooray for sunny days ahead! We’ve put together a simple list with tips on how to make a successful picnic, whether that’s a date picnic, a get together picnic with friends, or a family fun-day. Forget soggy sandwiches, warm fizz and looking for cutlery only to remind yourself that you didn’t bring any. After this, you’ll be a picnic-planning expert. 

First and foremost, plan your food. It sounds simple, but that’s what you said last time before running to the store to stuff last minute things into your picnic basket. Plan foods that pair well together, and prepare them beforehand (or get them delivered!). This means you will have much less to carry back, as most of it, if not all, will get eaten and successfully enjoyed. 

Favourite picnic foods to take are things that don’t require cutting up like crisps, crackers, cheese boards, brownies or even empanadas. Make sure to keep it quick and easy with food that’s filling and can last throughout the day. 


The Cheese and Charcuterie Platter by Fig & Flower which is luxuriously packaged with everything you need to make the ultimate cheeseboard, including Fig & Flower instructions for more inspiration. 

The Original Cheese Grazing Platter Kit to make your own picnic grazing board. In this kit you’ll find artisan cheeses, parma ham, salami, chorizo, antipasti, olives, dried apricots and plenty more packed into beautiful black ribboned boxes, accompanied by a jar of delicious Snowdonia Cheese Company chutney and Peter's Yard crackers. Talk about getting it sorted

You can always go for a Traditional Italian Picnic Hamper by Vorrei which includes white wine, sausages, cheeses, sundried tomato pate and other Italian snacks to munch on. Visit their Vorrei shop for more hampers that are available for express delivery. 

Second tip is keeping the food cool. (No one likes warm cheese.) If you’re planning a picnic outdoors, you need to keep your food in cool boxes or hampers. 


The Woodland Fully Fitted Picnic Hamper from Todhunted is THE hamper to have and use at picnics and outdoor gatherings. Lined with their exclusive Todhunted fabric, it also contains four porcelain plates and quality cutlery for four that can be washed and reused forever. 

“But what about my fizzy drink?” Worry not. The Two Bottle Wicker Carrier has space for two bottle of wine, or champagne (or soda) so you can kick back in the sun and relax with a cold, refreshing drink in hand. 

And thirdly, keep things clean! This means both for you, and your surroundings. Take wet wipes and bing bags for wiping down plates, hands, germs and to dispose of any rubbish.

In need for some more inspiration for your upcoming picnic? See all available cheese delivery and elevate your picnic food game. 

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