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6 Artisan Coffees That will Put a Spring in your Step

6 Artisan Coffees That will Put a Spring in your Step

Sometimes, finding the right coffee for you is quite hard as there are so many great blends to choose from, so many varieties to try and different flavours to experiment with every day. But what's the best option for you? 

Well, what if I told you that one cup of Vitamin Coffee contains all your recommended daily allowance of 14 essential vitamins and minerals. Not only does it taste fantastic but it also comes in two roasts, medium and dark, and in three different vitamin blends. There’s the Medium Complete blend which is a smooth blend of Asian and African coffee with Monsoon Malabar beans that leave a hint of chocolate and toffee infused with a high-grade blend of 14 vitamins and minerals that offer nutritional support. 

Then, there’s the Medium Energy blend which is the same blend as Medium Complete but is infused with a multivitamin blend that’s rich in B Vitamins to support energy release and extra caffeine. All the energy you need to go about your day. 

There’s also the Medium Defence blend that’s infused with a high-grade multivitamin blend that’s rich in Vitamin C and D to help keep your immune system strong, hence the ‘defence’. Vitamin Coffee uses Fairtrade coffee, meaning that all beans used are paid at a fairtrade price. For more information on what choosing Fairtrade really means, read our blog on What is Fairtrade Chocolate and ethically sourced cocoa beans.

Some prefer their morning coffee to have an intense flavour. If you belong in that category of strong coffee drinkers, then check out artisan roaster Ozerlat that produces traditional Turkish Coffee from Brazil Arabica beans. This family-run business has been roasting coffee in Cyprus since 1917 and they’re still using the same traditional methods, standards and tricks used by their great-grandfather and applying them in their coffee roasting today. The Arabica beans are expertly roasted and blended for a unique Turkish Coffee experience. (Pair the coffee with one of their original Halva or Turkish Delights and thank us later.)

Two Chimps Coffee also makes ethically sourced speciality coffee. It’s roasted by hand  in small batches at their roastery in Rutland, then can be sent straight to your door for your everyday pleasure. They source their coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil and their flavours range, using funny descriptions for each like their popular Don’t Poke the Bear coffee that has notes of apple mingle and golden caramel, or their Unicorn Resource Locator coffee that has a light and fruity flavour with hints of berry, chocolate and marshmallowy vanilla. 

If you like variety, this Artisan Coffee Sample Pack from small roastery Perkulatte in Welford is for you as they use the best coffee beans from all around the world, roast them freshly and grind them to your preference right before sending them directly to your door. The sample pack includes a variety of blends from Mexico, Kenya, Brazil, Peru and more. 

It all comes down to one question. What's more convenient than having delicious, ethically sourced coffee delivered freshly roasted to your door? Discover all artisan coffee blends that are available for delivery from our marketplace. 

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