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What are hard seltzers? Meet the newest trend in drinks

What are hard seltzers? Meet the newest trend in drinks

You have probably heard of the newest trend in low alcohol drinks called “Hard Seltzers” and are wondering what they are exactly. Rather than containing vodka, gin or any other spirit, they are produced more like beer using the fermentation process. Some sugar is added to carbonated water, or seltzer as it is often known, and then yeast is added and allowed to ferment so that the sugar turns into alcohol. Fruit flavourings also tend to be added.

The word “hard” in Hard Seltzer is used to signify the fact that alcohol is in what would otherwise be normal carbonated water. You may also hear it referred to by different names such as adult seltzer, mature seltzer, spiked seltzer but all of these refer to the same product. While hard seltzer does have alcohol in it, it is considered to be “low alcohol” as the alcohol volume is below what would be in a normal beer or similar quantity of drink.

Many people are drinking hard seltzers because they are a low calorie and low alcohol alternative to other alcoholic beverages. They can also be gluten-free and have low sugar content, so many people see them as being healthier than more traditional drinks and they can sometimes feel less bloated after drinking them.

There are some excellent hard seltzer drinks and one of our favourites is from Arrowtown Drinks from Hailsham. Their mixed case of 12 hard seltzers has three different flavours: red berries, tropical, and lime and elderflower. These are all light, refreshing spritzes that are great thirst quenchers and they are produced by a family owned business which gives money to environmental charities from every purchase.

Another of the products from Arrowtown that we like is their red berry hard seltzers. This set of premixed premium cans has an ABV of 5% and is gluten-free and vegan, containing no sweeteners or any artificial ingredients. Each purchase sees a donation made to the Tusk animal charity to protect elephants.

The Arrowtown Lime and Elderberry pack of 12 cans is likewise an excellent purchase with the same attributes in terms of alcohol content as the red berry version of their hard seltzer. Again, this is gluten-free, vegan and free from artificial ingredients, sweeteners and preservatives. A donation from sales of this pack goes to support Sea Shepherd and protect marine life.

Alternatively, if you opt for no alcohol at all, Mavrik produces a range of non-alcoholic cocktails and their virgin Venetian Spritz is an excellent way to round off an evening. The Venetian Spritz is a bargain and adds a classy twist to any evening while their Aromatic Gin and Tonic is sure to prove a hit with party goers. A beautiful non-alcoholic cocktail with juniper berries and Italian bitters and citrus notes, this blend of flavours will entice and enchant. This drink will bring new converts to the brand and to non-alcoholic cocktails in general, proving once and for all that they can compete on taste with their alcohol-based siblings. Click and discover more low alcohol drinks (including no alcohol alternatives). 

Attention, cocktail fanatics - check out how to make 6 of the best cocktails at home for the summer and thank us later. 

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