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Best Baking Kits and Baking Subscriptions

Best Baking Kits and Baking Subscriptions

These wonderful baking kits come with all of the necessary ingredients and detailed instructions from some of the UK’s most talented bakers, cheesemakers and artisans! You can even choose your baking subscription which makes an  excellent gift or a fun project to do at home with the little ones every month, as the sense of achievement far outweighs the difficulty of the task.

See below for some of our best-sellers (based on preference!)


Whole Cakes

Royal Chocolate Cake - Recipe Kit & Tutorial

This kid-friendly rich chocolate and almond cake mix is sure to impress. It looks and tastes amazing but takes surprisingly little work to achieve a great result. 


Peppa Pig Pink Cake - Recipe Kit & Tutorial

This is always a hit with the kiddos so this kid-friendly cake recipe kit will make a very fun birthday project for you to do together (or supervise!). After all, everyone loves Peppa the pig.


Raspberry Victoria Sponge Cake - Recipe Kit & Tutorial

A quintessentially British favourite named after a queen, this gorgeous sponge cake is always a winner and now it is even easier to make, thanks to this fab recipe kit by the experts. 



Artisan Bread Mixes 

Nothing beats the taste of home-made, freshly baked artisan bread. These mixes are fun and simple. Three different kinds of bread and five mixes will ensure you have tasty bread for a while. Tip: freeze it and use it within 3 months for fresh bread everyday.


Beer Bread  - Original, Chilli, Rosemary Garlic & Olive

The combination of beer and bread makes this one an instant winner. Find traditional beer bread mix along with a chilli beer bread mix and rosemary, olive and garlic beer bread.


Sweet Treats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies Baking Kit (Vegan)

An appetising chocolate peanut butter swirl cookie recipe that is also Vegan? Don’t mind if we do! All ingredients are provided by a family-owned business and comes in recycled packaging.


Low Carb Chocolate Brownie Baking Mix

These low carb and keto brownies are also suitable for those following a diabetic or keto diet. Only five simple ingredients needed and a super easy to follow recipe.


The Sweetpea Pantry's Healthy Baking Mixes

Ideal for those with a sweet tooth who also like to eat healthily, these award-winning healthy baking mixes from the Sweetpea Pantry are known to please.


Gluten-Free Raw Cacao, Flax & Teff Brownie Mix

Winner of two stars in the Great Taste Awards, this yummy gluten-free brownie mix is vegan-friendly and kid-friendly so you can tick the ‘creative crafts’ list one box at a time.  


Pancakes (Who said pancakes are just for brunch?)

Gluten and Diary Free Pancake Mix

This bundle of 8 Pancake Mixes with buckwheat and flax is gluten and dairy free and very easy to make. This mix contains no sugar so you can sweeten as you like, or make savoury snack. Use this mix for crepe style, american pancakes or even waffles and blini's! 


Pancake Mix Selection

Yum. Select three pancake mixes from a possible six to customise your selection box. Wonderful flavours including rocky road, triple chocolate, apple pie and chocolate orange.


Keto Pancake and Waffle Mix

A delicious pancake and waffle mix that is not overly sweetened and is keto-friendly, so you can add your own sweetness if desired. It includes three weeks’ worth of pancake mix for you to enjoy.


Flippin' Lovely Pancake Mix

Another two-star winner from the Great Taste Awards, this pack of six will provide you with a delicious breakfast for a week, or indeed brunch or a midnight snack if preferred! Choose your toppings – sweet or savoury?


Interested in food & drink subscriptions by UK's best drink and food artisans? Check out this list including the 5 Best Subscription Gifts for 2022. 

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