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The Best Keto Chocolate for Proper Chocolate Lovers

The Best Keto Chocolate for Proper Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweet substances known to man and is loved around the world, so it is no surprise that many different diets try to include it where it is at all possible to do so.

There is some fantastic keto chocolate available now for people who follow a ketogenic diet, and it does not compromise on taste!

Raw Gorilla, one of our talented makers who specializes in paleo-friendly foods, is a small business based in Margate which was originally founded in London by Fraser Gregory. It all started from his kitchen at home, after he had experienced many food sensitivities when he was growing up. He decided to develop his interest in healthy eating and in raw foods and ingredients into a business, and to really focus on the nutritional side of things. All of the products that they develop are gluten free, vegan and suitable for a paleo diet.

As you might have guessed by the name, gorillas are a big passion and inspiration to Fraser so Raw Gorilla is a charitable business that supports the Gorilla Organization, working to protect these beautiful creatures from extinction.

Keto Chocolate

Some of the most popular products that Raw Gorilla has developed to date are ketogenic chocolate. To fit the definition of Keto, they must have less than one gram of net carbs per serving and this generally translates to chocolate with a high cacao percentage, so in essence really dark chocolate, with the inherent bitterness being countered by the use of calorie-free sugar alcohols. 

In the case of Raw Gorilla, they don’t use added sugars and instead sweeten their keto chocolate with Carob, which is a sweet legume and Lucuma so it’s basically a fruit. One of the best Keto Chocolates we have ever tried is their Smooth & Silky Keto Chocolate. They believe in real food free from artificial sweetening, sugars and ingredients and their dedication to this shows in the products that they make.

The Smooth and Silky Keto Chocolate only has five ingredients in total and only a small pinch of sea salt. it is hard to believe that something so tasty can be made with so few ingredients!

It really does go to show where having a passion for what you do can make real difference and Raw Gorilla’s well deserved success is not just in the keto chocolate market but in the wider confectionery market as what they have produced is up there in terms of taste with nearly anything that is being produced by chocolatiers in the UK today. 

Add to this their concern for the environment and wildlife and their care to ensure that all their products come in plastic free and completely compostable wrappers, and they are a company well worth supporting and helping to grow.

They also produce a wider range of products which can be seen on the Raw Gorilla shop. We are proud to work with such an innovative and environmentally friendly business and look forward to seeing them swinging from success to success, like a gorilla from tree to tree, in the future!

Explore all the different keto chocolate options on the marketplace. Not a chocolate fan but following a keto diet? Find more keto-friendly snacks in our Keto Snack Guide.

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