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The Best Truffle Cheeses by UK Artisan Cheesemakers

The Best Truffle Cheeses by UK Artisan Cheesemakers

This is one that is definitely only for the truffle lovers among us.

We have carefully selected some the best truffle cheeses that have been handmade by artisan cheesemakers around the UK, using methods that have been in the family for generations. They vary wildly in type and taste, from Cheddars to Bries and everything in between, but the common factor is the infusion of that luxurious, unique truffle taste. 

Delicario Vossignoria Cheese with Truffle

This artisan cheese is made from sheep’s milk and is seasoned with truffle. It is a fragrant cheese with a unique and sweet flavour. This is a small batch cheese that is lovingly made by hand by a family business, Delicario, that’s heavily invested in the quality of their products.


Pecorino Cheese with Truffle 200g

Another raw sheep’s milk cheese recipe, this Pecorino cheese is a harder cheese which has been allowed to develop in taste and mature before the addition of truffle. The truffle can be seen permeating the cheese like black veins through the centre and its goes all the way through the cheese. Unusual and delicious to eat, this pecorino is a must-try.


Godminster 1kg Black Truffle Organic Cheddar

This organic cheddar from Godminster is deliciously decadent and comes in a 1kg gift box, wrapped in stylish black wax. This is a true, premium, gourmet product with ethically and traditionally sourced truffles procured using a truffle hunter and hound. The smooth creaminess of the cheddar contrasts delightfully with the umami taste of the truffles to make something amazing.


Brie with Truffles

Brie with Summer truffles is a very delicate and interesting combination of tastes. The soft brie and the truffle layer through the centre will make an excellent talking point on a cheese board and will definitely make an impression taste-wise on your guests. A highly recommended brie.


Shorrocks Truffle Lancashire Bomb

This cheese comes in a bomb shaped packaging, hence the name, and it will certainly be a blast to try. This truffle infused Lancashire cheese bomb will explode on your taste buds and is a real popular best-seller. It is made by a family-owned business near Brighton.


Vegan Options


Truffled Camemvert Organic Vegan Cheese

A vegan version of Camembert which uses organic cashew nuts, live cultures and Cornish sea salt to create the distinctive camembert taste. This cheese is soft on the inside and has an outer shell just like ordinary camembert does while the truffle adds a sharper note to the flavour.


Smoked Whisky Oak Truffle Cultured Vegan Cheese

This is a cashew and almond based vegan cheese which has been smoked with whisky oak wood. The texture and taste of the truffle give way under the smokiness and it is a challenge to identify where each flavour ends and the next begins.


Truffle and Charcoal Vegan Cheese

Made with organic cashew nuts, white truffle oil, culture and sea salt and coated with activated charcoal, this vegan cheese is well-worth sampling, whether you’re plant-based or not. It has a taste which is at once indulgent and delicate and will be a treat to spread on a cracker.

For all cheeses available on the markeplace, see our curated cheese delivery category. 

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