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Gifts for Men who Love Spice

Gifts for Men who Love Spice


We all have that friend that always talks about spicy food, hot dishes and suggests eating at that Indian restaurant right around the corner every single time. Well, we might just have the perfect gift for that spice lover in your life:

Around The World Spice Rub Set

This gift set will drive their cooking inspiration off the charts. The Smokey Carter was founded by spice experts husband and wife Howard & Samantha, and this set of five award-winning barbecue spice rub seasonings and marinades are derived and influenced from all around the world. All presented neatly in a handy gift tube, their Gold Star winners include Japanese Wasabi and Lime spice rub, Spices Mango and Lime, Brazilian Spice, Mexican Jalapeno and Lime and Jamaican Jerk. 


Indian Curry Kit Subscription

The spice-lover in your life will just obsess over this one. This kit will let him recreate flavours of his favourite Indian restaurant and produce his favourite recipes in the comfort of his own home. Fresh spices and recipe cards are also included so that the recipient can cook a full curry menu along with side dishes and everything! Choose the subscription length from 3, 6 or 9 months. 


Indian Spices Tin

The Spice Kitchen’s gorgeous collection of artisan Indian spices will give him everything he needs to make fragrant, Indian dishes at home. Sanjooks himself says that this gift is ‘genuinely a game-changer’ for anyone who loves spice. You can also personalise the spice tins by adding a name or message, making your gift extra special. 


Saffron Gift Box

Discover Grade A++ saffron threads from Spiran, a small business in London who specialises in this ‘precious spice that’s almost as valuable as an ounce of gold’. No wonder it’s known as the ‘red gold’ of spices. This gift box contains 4 grams of genuine saffron bunch, 2 grams sargol (red stigma tips) and 2 grams root (the yellow style of saffron also known as konge). 


Wasabi Vodka 

Moving away from spices and rubs, a perfect gift for someone who loves spice could also be this incredible small-batch Wasabi Vodka, distilled with fresh English wasabi. The fire of wasabi is a weakness to spice enthusiasts, so the pungent heat is very powerful in this craft spirit. Artisan distillers, Winchester Distillery have worked their magic once again.


Spice Drops Selection & Spice Rack

Spice Drops present this set of Great Taste Award winners (choose 9 out of 32 spice drop flavours) that are concentrated extracts which retain all the natural goodness and authentic taste of herbs and spices. They can even be used in beverages to enhanced the flavour and aroma, in curries, sauces and in all cooking dishes. It comes with a lovely handmade wooden spice rack or wooden spice box to store them in so the recipient can beautifully place them on the kitchen counter. 


Curry Making Kit and Gift Tin 

For the one that just loves curry (and never stops talking about it - we all know one), there’s this luxury curry making kit that would be an ideal gift. It comes complete with 5 curry spices, a cookbook that includes incredible curry recipes (even desserts!) and a candle that reduces the odours in the kitchen. This Indian Spice Set from experts at Spice Kitchen makes a great gift for any foodie.


Chilli Hamper

The Cheeky Chilli Hamper by dressing experts Charlie and Ivys is a unique gift that brings all kinds of spicy flavours together, bundled up in a hamper. The chilli lover in youtube life will definitely appreciate this. All dressings are gluten-free and the Great Taste Award winner Chilli, Garlic & Ginger Bread Dipper is also included in the gift bundle. 

Still looking for that 'perfect' gift? See our dedicated spice gifts category for more. 

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