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7 Craft Beers with a Unique Difference

7 Craft Beers with a Unique Difference

Craft beer is always a popular gift, especially around Father’s Day. We will take a look at some unique and flavoursome UK craft beers that are sure to be a hit with the beer enthusiast in your life.  

1. India Pale Ale 

Originally brewed in England in around 1780, the unique flavour profile of this pale ale is attributable to the ancient recipe used in its creation. This particular pale ale is perfect for quenching a thirst on a hot day and was originally brewed with long, hot journeys to India by boat in mind. The high ambient temperatures in India rendered brewing problematic and this ale was the solution.

2. Sourdough Pale Ale

Made using unsold sourdough loaves from a local bakery, this is the perfect example of zero waste when it comes to food and drink. The sourdough gives the pale ale a really refreshing taste on the palate and the late hops give a wonderful aroma to the concoction. This is a perfect session pale ale.

3. Fabuccino Coffee Milk Stout 

Coffee milk stout is a wonderful, creamy stout and the hint of chocolate flavour ensures that the coffee taste isn’t overpoweringly bitter. Hand-crafted in small batches by Ferry Ales Brewery, a family run business from just outside Lincoln, this is craft brewing at its finest.

4. Jungle Fruits Tropical Pale Ale 

This range of low-alcohol Aloe Vera pale ales comes infused with guava and dragon fruit for a real tropical taste. All of the beers are vegan and 3.5% ABV, which means they are considered “low alcohol” and money raised from sales goes toward charities doing valuable work protecting the rainforests.

5. Lincoln Red Irish Red Ale 

Lincoln Red Irish Ale is a lightly hopped beer which has a malty flavour and is very refreshing to drink, especially when the bottles are taken straight from the fridge. The colour of this ale is slightly red to match the coat colour of the breed of cattle that it derives its name from.

6. Gluten Free Premium Beer 

Brewed using local hops from Kent, this premium bitter beer is rich and dark with a toffee, caramel body and chocolate undertones from the malts used in the brewing process. This is a bottle conditioned beer so please take care when decanting into a glass. If you are looking to pair this beer with appropriate food, meat or fish work extremely well alongside it.

7. Lower Alcohol Craft Lager 

This lower alcohol lager may be named Bog Standard but in reality it is anything but. There is character aplenty and aromas of toast and cereal will tantalise the drinker. A dry lager with layered malty flavour and a slight bitterness to keep you coming back for more. The lower alcohol content certainly doesn’t mean a loss of flavour and this is a lovely and refreshing lager.


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