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Our Pick of the Best Allergy-Friendly Food Gifts

Our Pick of the Best Allergy-Friendly Food Gifts

Allergy friendly foods or foods that are allergen-free have been developed to be free from gluten and also fourteen other major allergens that are commonly found in food. We would strike a note of caution and say that you should always check the ingredient list if you have an allergy, but these foods should be safe from the fourteen major allergens. 

Raw Superfood Chocolate Box - Hearts and Roses

This organic-certified, vegan-certified collection ticks all the boxes, it is perfect for vegans, foodies and people with allergies alike. Each box contains sixteen luxury truffles that have been hand-decorated. A family-run firm from London makes the chocolates by hand and in small batches.

Nono Cocoa - Spring - Vegan Chocolate Gift Box

A sumptuous range of vegan chocolates in a plethora of subtle spring garden flavours, including Rose and Raspberry, Saffron and Orange, with Turmeric Flower and Fresh Mint and Lime. All are lovingly hand-made in small batches and hand-decorated by people with autism.

Volcanic Single Estate Chocolate Bars 

Rich, organic premium chocolate bars is a range of high cocoa densities. All of the chocolate in these bars is sourced from cocoa plantations on small South Pacific islands and each bar is named for the island the beans are sourced from.

Free-From Large Snack Box

This large snack box is perfect for people who want tasty snacks that are free from the 14 most common allergens. Brought to you by Healthy Nibbles, a family-run business from Edinburgh, these snacks are a healthy snacking alternative. 

Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

The Enjoy gift box contains solid chocolate bars, filled buttons and filled bars, coated with high-quality dark chocolate that has been custom-designed to meet the needs of people with special dietary requirements. All products are vegan and organic-certified.

Chocolate Bars from Solomon Islands (100% Cocoa)

Firetree super-premium chocolate bars come from cacao plants grown on the volcanic Solomon Islands. The volcanic properties of the soil lend the beans a particularly distinct depth and complexity of flavour and the 100% cocoa flavour will delight the chocolate connoisseur.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Shortbread 

Classic crumbly, buttery shortbread dipped in dark chocolate. Vegan-certified and made to order in small batches, these delectable shortbread biscuits are a sure-fire winner for anyone who has a sweet tooth. That they are also allergen-free is a wonderful bonus.

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