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5 Delicious Ways to Drink Rum

5 Delicious Ways to Drink Rum

There are some fantastic and varied ways to drink rum. It is quite common to find rums infused with all manner of different flavours and spices and this can make what is already a pleasant drink into a real winner. We look at how to buy rum online to suit practically any taste palate and have included our five handcrafted favourites below.

Beckford's Award-Winning Caramel Rum

Fresh from winning a three-star taste award at the Great taste Awards, this smooth caramel rum is sure to delight. This is a gluten-free alcoholic treat that is suitable for vegans. Both caramel and rum are ultimately derived from the sugar cane plant, so it makes sense to combine the two flavours in this moreish concoction.

Wonderful over ice-cream or even just neat over ice, Beckford’s caramel rum comes in a decorative bottle with a cork stopper.


Pirate’s Grog Five-Year Aged Rum

Playing up to the familiar image popularised in books and movies of pirates swilling rum, this Pirate’s Grog is a premium blended rum with vanilla, butterscotch and raisin flavour notes. This run was originally created in the Caribbean on the island of Roatán, which is noted for its pirate mythology and history.

An interesting serving suggestion is to put it in a “Golden Pistol” cocktail alongside ginger ale, ice and fresh lime.


Edinburgh Rum 

Edinburgh is a city that was always welcoming new and exotic goods from the Caribbean and far-flung places so it comes as no surprise to find that there is a premium Edinburgh Rum. A Silver Award Winner at the World Rum Awards 2020, the delicate interaction of spices and flavours makes this rum blend a favourite.


Multi-Award-Winning Devil's Bridge Spiced Rum Infused With Bara Brith


A multi-award-winning spiced rum hailing from Wales, the name is inspired by a Welsh folk-tale about a woman managing to hoodwink the Devil and evade his soul-stealing antics by throwing Bara Brith (Welsh tea bread) over the bridge.

This lovely rum has been infused with black tea, fruits and spices to create a unique flavour that works well on its own, as a long drink with a mixer or even as the base for a yummy cocktail.


Banoffee Flavour Rum 

Produced by the renowned Chuckling Cheese Company from Skegness in Lincolnshire, this combination of banana and toffee flavours has been put together in a premium rum that will delight anyone looking for something that is a little bit different. 

This flavourful rum is best savoured “on the rocks” with plenty of ice because of its unique taste. Failing that, poured over the top of some ice cream, it works as an excellent finishing touch to a dessert course.

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