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Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? Answers to 5 Common Questions About Vegan Food

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? Answers to 5 Common Questions About Vegan Food

There are many people who are not quite sure about the scope of the food items that come under the umbrella of veganism. There are various misconceptions about veganism, so we have decided to answer five of the most common questions about vegan chocolate and vegan food more generally below.

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

In short, the answer to this question is yes. Unlike both milk and white chocolate variants, dark chocolate doesn’t typically contain any milk and has a higher cocoa content, which is generally from 50% upward. Dark chocolate is created by mixing beans from the cacao tree with cocoa butter, or sometimes chocolate liquor, rather than dairy products like milk. 

Isn’t Vegan Food Boring?

This may have been a question that had more relevance some years ago but now it is largely redundant and inaccurate. There are a great many delicious and interesting vegan foods that are available, and some may even be gaining converts amongst non-vegans on the basis of great taste and quality.

How Do You Not Crave Bacon?

People who follow a strict vegan diet often get asked how they can resist the temptation of bacon or other popular animal products. Even if they previously enjoyed the taste, there are now delicious vegan alternatives to bacon, steak and a great many other popular meat and dairy products.

There are delicious vegan cheese equivalents on the market and vegan bacon from brands on Yumbles like Sgaia, a popular Glasgow-based company that thrives on “plant-based meat”.

People who ask this question tend not to be ready to embrace a vegan diet fully but it may be worth mentioning the possibility of “Reducetarianism” to them. This is a diet where someone tries to forego as much non-vegan food as they can and tries to eat more sustainably. It is an improvement on most non-vegan diets in terms of environmental impact and can allow people to enjoy the odd rasher of bacon while also improving how they impact the world around them. Learn more in our recent blog on What is Reducetarianism? And why is it on the rise?

Where do Vegans get Protein and Vitamin B12 from?

There are many good sources of protein in vegan diets including tofu, soy, lentils, peas, almonds, pasta, rice and quinoa. Vitamin B12 can be a little harder to come by and some people will take a supplement. Others use foods which have been specially fortified with Vitamin B12. Packaged breakfast cereals, some soy milk and meat substitutes will often contain Vitamin B12, as this is considered essential for the healthy functioning of the human body and mind.

Isn’t it Expensive to be Vegan?

There is still a misconception that following a vegan diet is only the preserve of people who live in leafy suburbs and are on high incomes. In reality, studies have shown that vegans can spend around 40% less on food than non-vegans. This is largely down to the very high cost of meat and fish compared to food suitable for a vegan diet.

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