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The UK's Best Craft Gin Makers

The UK's Best Craft Gin Makers

The UK is home to some truly amazing craft gin makers.

We have listed some of the absolute best below so you can source your next gin gifts for the cocktail lover in your life, even if that means self-gifting. Get ready for some inspiring small biz stories...

Secret Garden Distillery

Based in Edinburgh, the Secret Garden Distillery was the brainchild of the husband and wife team Hamish and Liberty and was started in 2012 when they bought a derelict plot of land on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

They started off with a herb garden because Hamish is a Herbologist, then went on to use their knowledge of botanicals to create a beautiful range of 100% natural gins.

Sibling Distillery

Owned by four brothers and sisters, all 25 years old or younger, Siblings Distillery is based in Cheltenham and won both national and international awards in its very first year of operation.

They produce their own vegan and gluten-free base spirit and they utilise Somerset blueberries and Madagascan vanilla flavours to create a velvety smooth, triple-distilled gin.

Graveney Gin

A small-batch, high-quality gin company based in London. The founder, Victoria, has a passion for botanicals and sources local ingredients to make just 30 bottles per batch in a 30 Litre copper still. 

Because the batches are small, there are variations between them but the juniper berries, pink grapefruit and baobab ensure it always has a fruity kick and freshness.

Orkney Gin Company

Hailing from the stunning Orkney Islands, off the North coast of Scotland, this gin company relies on old methods handed down through the generations. The gin is distilled no less than seven times before the botanicals are added to it. They are then distilled once more with the botanicals included. Being distilled eight times in total ensures a smoothness and purity that is unrivalled by larger-scale gin producers. 

The Cornish Spirits Drink Company

From one end of the UK to the other, the Cornish Spirits Drink Co is a joint effort between husband and wife Mike and Sue. When they moved to Devoran in Cornwall in 2016, they ran a small gin bar at a local event for their neighbours which was so successful that it gave them the inspiration to start the company and distil their own Cornish gin.

Their distillery is the only one in England approved as Organic by Biodynamic Association and they donate a portion of their profits to Sir David Attenborough's charity Fauna & Flora International.

Gin Tales

Gin Tales, Woo-ooh! Fiona, the creator of Gin Tales was tired of seeing otherwise excellent gins being drowned in artificial flavourings so she took it upon herself to create a selection of gins which are infused with all-natural flavours.

Gin Tales is all about high-quality gin without added chemicals or sugar and offers classic flavour pairings as well as some more adventurous offerings.

Anno Distillers

Anno is the first gin distillery based in Kent since the 1700s. The founders, Andy and Norman are both PhD research and development chemists, with 60 years of pharmaceutical industry experience between them. 

They are basically the Walter Whites of gin distilling, being able to use their superior skills in the field of chemistry to produce premium spirits of exceptional purity, flavour and balance. They have won multiple awards both nationally and internationally.

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