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What is ghee? And are there any benefits?

What is ghee? And are there any benefits?

Crudely, ghee can simply be interpreted as clarified butter. Grass-fed cow milk butter is slow cooked and evaporated until all the water evaporates, leaving behind milk solids in a concentrated liquid. The milk solids are then separated and what you’re left with is ghee. Concentrated, healthy fat that is full of Vitamins A, D, E, and K and devoid of lactose and casein, it is this processing of ghee that makes it so promising. The slow flame on which it is cooked makes it retain a lot of nutrients that get otherwise lost. Ghee can thus also withstand high temperatures which makes it an ideal and versatile cooking base.

From bulletproof coffees, to a delicious fish fry, chocolate cake, and everything in between, ghee can take the centre stage in your kitchen no matter what you wish to consume. Use it in place of butter, or as a replacement for your cooking oil, or even enjoy it straight out of a jar, you’ll find a companion in grass-fed ghee everywhere, so much so that it is also suitable for Keto, Paleo, Whole30  and of course traditional Ayurvedic diets.

The internet is swarming with notions of what ghee does and what it doesn’t. By decoding its components, composition and processing, we have formed some well-based conclusions to give you a fair idea of how ghee may benefit you:

Ghee can aid weight loss: While the world has largely gotten divided into two schools of thought, one that believes that the consumption of ghee leads to weight gain, while the other advocates it as a weight loss agent, we believe that the secret to ending this debate lies in portion control. Consuming a small amount of ghee, about 1-2 tablespoons depending on your lifestyle and body type can in fact lead to weight loss if you pair it with the right health choices. This is because the fat content in ghee is mainly the healthy kind, such as DHA and Omega 3 fatty acid, the latter being something that our body needs, but has to rely on external sources for receiving it. Certain essential amino acids are also found in ghee that help in shrinking the fat cells in size. Furthermore, cow Ghee helps in excluding toxins out of the cells, which surges metabolism, and when your metabolism runs fast, you can lose weight easily and take care of your heart

Ghee during pregnancy: There have been claims made about the consumption of ghee being useful to induce labour or to reduce labour pain. However, there is no scientifically backed basis behind this statement and hence, we won’t go as far as claiming that. However, there are no proven ill effects of cow ghee on expecting mothers. Having healthy fats as part of a balanced diet is recommended, especially during pregnancy, and ghee makes a wonderful addition to the list because it is easier to digest than other dairy products. It also helps in the nourishment of the mother and baby in more ways than one. It has proven to be beneficial in fostering the brain development of the baby, as well as easing the aches and pains of the mom-to-be, which are so common during pregnancy. 

A boost to overall health: A healthy body is a happy one, and there is no denying the generous amounts of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are found in ghee. The healthy fats found in it add good cholesterol to the body, and thus, ghee does not lead to heart diseases that are commonly associated with other kinds of fat. Ghee consumption is also strongly related to a healthy gut. In the olden times, our ancestors used to have a spoonful of ghee before every meal, which lined the gut and protected their body from potential ailments.  

Ghee and heart health: Ghee supports and nurtures a healthy cardiovascular system if consumed in moderation. This is because the beneficial fats present in ghee actually boost the body’s metabolism and help in better blood circulation and absorption of food. So many dieticians and nutritionists thus  combine ghee-cooked food and an exercise integrated lifestyle to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol count.

Ghee for constipation: the ghee and hot water combination: Grass-fed cow Ghee in the diet offers butyrate support, which makes ghee a natural laxative that is helpful for a healthy colon. The gut-supporting fats present in ghee makes it a natural remedy to ensure smooth bowel movement. The fatty acids such as Omega 3  in ghee are also associated with better gastrointestinal health, making ghee a must-have for stomach and digestive care. One popular way of reaping maximum benefits of the butyrate acid present in ghee is by consuming a teaspoon of ghee mixed with warm water the first thing in the morning. This provides lubrication to our body and clears the intestine passage.

Ghee or other cooking oils: Vegetable oils were primarily invented as an affordable, lesser substitute for cooking fats. The process of making vegetable oil involves a lot of unnatural processing as opposed to desi ghee that comes from natural milk-based fats. Cooking oils have a much lower smoke point and lose their nutrients while being cooked at high temperatures. They are high in calories, with very little minerals and vitamins, and hence, are a comparatively unhealthy source of saturated fats. 

Organic grass-fed ghee is one of the most wanted natural dairy products with a global reputation as a new-age pantry superhero. Organic ghee benefits you in several ways, but you have to be sure about the organic authenticity of the product on your plate. Pair it with the right lifestyle choices to reap maximum benefits.

If you'd like to give ghee a try, we highly recommend trying Super Ghee's creations.

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