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Tips on baking a vegan cake

Tips on baking a vegan cake

Our experts from Positive Bakes are here to give you tips on how to bake vegan cakes. Read on to know more!

1. As with any kind of cake, make sure that your oven is pre-heated properly before adding the mixture.

2. Choose your favourite dairy free milk and dairy free butter - make sure there are no for traces of dairy if making due to an allergy/intolerance. (They strive to use products that are kind to the environment so steer clear of vegan butter that contains palm oil due to the unethical practises surrounding it!)

3. Add gluten free flour to make your cakes vegan and gluten free (just be sure that all the other ingredients you decide to use are also gluten-free!). They use flour by Doves Farm who have a range of gluten free flours to choose from, as well as flours containing gluten. 

4. Adding ground almonds can help to add moisture to the cake.

5. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a substitution for eggs – it reacts with the baking powder/soda and helps the cake to rise (not suitable as a binding agent).

6. Surprisingly, not all sugar is vegan! The sugar they use in our bakes is a type of unrefined golden caster sugar which is suitable for vegans, but you should always ensure you check that the sugar you want to use is definitely vegan. 

7. Adding apple sauce can help add moisture to the cake. Apple sauce can be used as an alternative to oil and butter. (If you’re using pre-made apple sauce, just check that it is suitable for vegans. If making from scratch, ensure you use vegan-friendly ingredients).

8. Be sure to check food colourings/dyes, cake decorations and other items you’ll be adding to your cake to ensure they are vegan. Some decorations contain things like Gelatin and are therefore not suitable for vegans. 

9. Avoid cross-contamination with animal products - avoid using utensils and other kitchen equipment you’d usually use for meat when baking your vegan cake. 

10. Let cakes fully cool before taking out of the tin (a general rule for both vegan and non-vegan cakes!). If you’re opting to make a vegan chocolate cake, check that the cocoa powder you want to use doesn’t contain milk.

11. If you’re planning on using chocolate, make sure that it’s vegan and that it doesn’t contain traces of dairy.

You can’t go wrong with classic flavours such as Lemon Drizzle, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Carrot when making a vegan cake! All these flavours can be made vegan and taste just as delicious as non-vegan cakes. If you’d prefer to forgo the hassle of baking your own vegan cake, you could always order some of their delicious cakes which are both vegan and gluten free! They even have a range of luxurious brownies and blondies, creamy cheesecakes and more. All free from eggs, dairy, gluten, soya and palm oil.

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