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Top 6 Snacks to Try on a Keto Diet

Top 6 Snacks to Try on a Keto Diet


Keto diets can be excellent for weight loss and improvements in general health, and many companies are now producing keto snacks for people to keep hunger at bay while they are on them. Keto diets are often considered to be a bit boring and low-carb diets generally are assumed to be without tasty treats but these top snacks disprove that theory with ease. 

Keto Donuts | The Classic Mixed-Tray (Box of 6) 

Keto Donuts, or Ketonuts if you will, are packed full of natural and organic ingredients. It isn’t necessary to sacrifice good taste for good health and this is something that has been heartily embraced by the artisan bakers behind them. A sharing box of six, with two each of the signature Original, Karamel and Chokolate Orange is excellent value for money and in terms of taste they are out of this world. 

Low Calorie Cake Bestsellers Box (30 Cakes)

This is a Keto friendly cake box with 30 cakes inside. These are all mini cakes with delicious “pearls” inside that contain delicious centres. There are only 35 calories per cake and they are free of artificial ingredients or preservatives. The entire box of cakes is made to hand and to order and is available throughout the UK. 

Keto 'Treat Yo Self' Box

This box is choc full of Keto goods for people to treat themselves. The box contains two bread mixes as well as one pancake mix and ten cake bites. This is enough to give variety and fun to your diet for around 2 weeks. The seller is No Guilt Bakes who believe in the benefits of eating more healthily.  

Low Carb & Keto Pancake & Waffle Mix

This pancake and waffle mix is designed to make low carb and keto friendly pancakes, which can help to make the diet a lot more pleasant. This artisan pancake and waffle mix is made from a limited number of wholefood ingredients by a small business based in Yorkshire. There are no preservatives, colourings or flavourings involved in the process at all. 

Keto Mini Snack Box

The Keto mini snack box from Healthy Nibbles brings together a wide range of different sweet and savoury Keto friendly snacks, including seaweed crisps, green olives and smooth dark chocolate. Everything included is low in carbs and the contents of the box have been checked by a nutritionalist in order to make them as healthy as possible. The packaging is striking and distinctive and this makes a great gift for anyone following the Keto diet. 

Organic Red Velvet Macaroons

These delectable red velvet macaroons will really hit the spot. They are handmade in Surrey and are gluten free, dairy free, soya free and free from refined sugars. They use a combination of beetroot and cacao to create the distinctive taste and the vanilla accentuates the earthy taste of the beetroot. There are 7 in a pack and they are perfect for some guilt-free snacking. Home compostable packaging is also used. 

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