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5 of the Best Personalised Chopping Boards

5 of the Best Personalised Chopping Boards

Before buying your partner one of these fine personalised chopping boards, please make sure that they will see the funny side of it. Otherwise it is you who may be for the chop. This is really only a gift for the amateur chef in your life who spends all of their time in the kitchen. 

For anyone else, maybe play it a bit safer and get them a brownie or cookie gift set, or even some lovely non alcoholic cocktails. If you have decided that a personalised chopping board is definitely an acceptable gift, we have listed our five favourites below. 

Personalised Family Rectangle Board

This personalised chopping board makes a great gift for all the family and is suitable for birthdays, christmases, weddings, anniversaries and engagements. It is a great gift that covers all the bases. It is finished to an excellent degree and the material (Hevea Hardwood) is gently on sharp knives while at the same time resisting damage.

NAME BIG Cheese Engraved Oak Chopping Board

This is a perfect gift for the cheese lover in your life. Watch their smile of satisfaction as they open their gift and see their love of cheese acknowledged in this way. The recipient may also be your boss and in this case it is also perfect. Being called “The big cheese” also strokes the ego of most people in the corporate world today. 

Couple's Personalised Slate Chopping Board

The design of this cheese board is based around the names of a couple, separated by a heart and held within a circle. It is a very well put together slate chopping board that is lovely while at the same time not being too dear for use, which is the downside with some more expensive chopping boards on the market today. 

Personalised Wooden Chopping Board with Lip

Lipped chopping boards make it easier and safer to cut food on them. This one is a premium product, made in the UK and the design is meant to keep it steady and flush with the workshop edge when cutting, to protect the user from the board slipping and causing a knife accident. As designs go, it is an excellent one though it does seem to be very one size fits all when it comes to personalisation options.  

Large Natural Edge Chopping Boards

Natural edge chopping boards are things of beauty and to get one with personalisation will definitely give the message that the other person is cared for and cherished. This is also a huge statement to make in the food preparation area, letting anyone who visits know that it is game on in the home kitchen and that they need to up their game. It is also possible to have them engrave a secret, very personal or “For your eyes only” message to the recipient on the underside of the board, if desired. This can be an especially romantic thing to do if you have children who get into everything.

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