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The Best Halloween Gifts and Treats for 2022

The Best Halloween Gifts and Treats for 2022

Halloween is a fun time of the year when we get the kiddos dressed up in their spooktacularly scary costumes and let them maraud through the neighbourhood to trick or treat with our neighbours. Their imaginations run riot and it can be fun to buy some seasonal party gifts to help them to enjoy it to the maximum. They are only young once but we have an excuse to be big kids as well. Halloween gifting can get us all in the mood for some spooky fun and we have included some fun gifts below.

Halloween Marshmallow Toasting Kit with Treats

As the nights begin to draw in again, you can’t beat toasting marshmallows over an open fire or log burner while the weather is cold. This kit also comes with two extra Day of the Dead ornately decorated skull biscuits and three frightfully good Halloween-themed brownie bites. This impressive little kit comes with two bags of premium marshmallows, a bag of skewers and even its own mini brazier. Everything you need to fully enjoy the experience.

Giant Chocolate Skull

A show-stopping centre-piece for any Halloween-themed party, this giant chocolate skull shaped by artisan chocolatiers from delicious Belgian chocolate is sure to be a winner with the guests. The skull is actually incredibly realistic for the medium it has been created in and should help you to have some fun and spooky shenanigans with your guests. The skulls are made to order, are gluten-free and can last up to 3 months if you can resist eating them in the meantime!  

Gourmet Halloween Macarons

These gourmet Halloween macarons are a blaze of colour, coming in a box of 12 with a variety of scary designs and are beautifully presented in a white box with a brightly coloured sleeve. There are a wide variety of flavoured buttercreams and ganaches for the fillings and the flavours are fun and diverse, ranging from blue raspberry and sour apple to pumpkin spice and toffee apple.  

Trick Or Treat Personalised Retro Sweets Jar

This personalised glass sweetie jar is perfect for when the children are a little too small to be allowed out to trick or treat in the neighbourhood with their friends. It comes with a variety of retro pick ‘n’ mix sweets that are sure to be a winner with the children and the jar can be personalised with their name and a message like “Freddie’s Halloween Stash”. 

Halloween Chocolate Pumpkins Box of 6

These premium pieces of pumpkin and chocolate confectionery are sure to be a hit. The outer layer is tangy orange chocolate and inside is a delicately spiced pumpkin and cognac ganache. The tastes complement each other beautifully and the fine Belgian chocolate completes the taste profile to perfection. These handmade chocolates are created in small batches by an artisan chocolatier based in London and they have a shelf life of no more than five days from your delivery date, so be sure to eat them quickly, though we don’t anticipate this being a problem.  

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