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5 Easy Peasy Baconizing Hacks by an expert

5 Easy Peasy Baconizing Hacks by an expert

If you've been wondering how to baconize all your favourite foods, this is the right guide for you! You can use the Baconizer. It's a blend of spices that gives so many kinds of meals the yummy flavour of smokey bacon. And it's 100% vegan and gluten-free! (shop now)

Hack 1: Sprinkle it on your chips! Yes - oven-chips, wedges, airfryer chips even chip-shop chips. Just sprinkle on Baconizer for bacon beautifulness.

Hack 2: Make carrot bacon! It's so easy. Cut the ends of nice big carrots and slice them lengthways as thin as you can or use a mandoline (watch your fingers). Heat up the oven, toss your rotts in oil and bake in an oven tray until they're soft about 20 minutes. Take them out of the oven carefully then toss them all around, give them a good dust of Baconizer both sides, squirt them with maple syrup if you like, turn up the oven and bang the rotts back in until they're brown and luscious. Eat just like (other) bacon!

Hack 3: Vegan Bacon/Avo Hummus! Oh friends - so good. You don't need to make the hummus but if you do put the avo and three to four tablespoons of Baconizer in the Magimix with the chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil and tahini and blast. For bought hummus just mash together with avocado and Baconizer as home-made. Scoff with flatbreads, carrot sticks, your fingers - whatever.

Hack 4: Baconized Cauli Steaks! Cut a cauli in half and make thick steaks. Heat your oven. Rub or spray the steaks with oil and put them onto a baking sheet and roast till they're getting brown. Take them out of the oven carefully then dust them with a tablespoon of Baconizer each. Put them back in the oven till they're nice and brown and eat with whatever you fancy.

Hack 5 Cheesy bacon mushroom pasta totally vegan Buy some vegan cheese sauce. This is the easiest way bar none. Buy some nice big mushrooms and fry them in oil until they go dark brown. While that's happening boil water for pasta then when it's boiling cook your pasta (go for two minutes less than the pack says), cook it, drain, it but keep the cooking pan to one side. Put the pasta back in the pan with the cheese sauce and the shrooms, stir in three or four tablespoons of Baconizer and heat the lot till it's scoffing-hot. Top with vegan cheese. Eat the lot.

Baconizer is our own recipe made by us here at the Dorset Spice Shed on Dorset's Jurassic Coast with the best ingredients we can find hand-blended and packed by our tiny but perfect team. Wherever possible add BKN (Baconizer) toward the end of cooking to get the max flavour. Enjoy!

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