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The Biggest Food Trends of 2023. Our Predictions.

The Biggest Food Trends of 2023. Our Predictions.

Every year, there are a few buzz-worthy food trends, 2022 had its share of butter boards, plant-based food & thoughtful small gifting. As we look ahead, we predict that the economic realities, plus continued prioritisation on health and the planet will strongly influence some of 2023's biggest trends in food and drink.

1. Tinned Fish

The affordability, climate-friendly nature, and frankly, downright delicious characteristics of tinned sardines, mussels, mackerel and the likes have made tinned fish one of the most popular items on the market. Producers like Rockfish are ensuring that 100% of the precious catch is used. That means no waste, increased value for the people who catch the fish and less pressure to catch more, allowing the fisheries to flourish for another day. With taste & sustainability at its heart, this is an artisan & trend we can get behind! Shop tinned fish by Rockfish on Yumbles.

2. Dates

What some refer to as “nature’s candy”, these dehydrated fruits are reportedly rich in antioxidants, support gut and bone health, and even apparently aid in natural labour. We have plenty of options on our marketplace that can satiate your date cravings! From chocolate & truffles to snacks. Shop dates here. 

3. Non-Alcoholic Drinks

A key trend from 2022 that is still holding a firm position in 2023 is non-alcoholic drinks. They are taking off as more people consider new approaches to drinking and going out. Booze-free bars are popping up across the country, canned cocktails are sought out well beyond Dry January, and bartenders are crafting new cocktails and beverages to meet the needs of their non-alcoholic patrons. You can shop a plethora of non-alcoholic drinks on Yumbles.

4. Supporting Small

Buying products by small businesses helps consumers feel connected to their food. Supporting their economy (especially during the time of crisis) and discovering unique products with regional flair and flavor, are just some of the reasons why consumers prefer to shop small. At Yumbles, we take pride in being a homegrown brand that supports growers, distillers and food manufacturers whether they are just starting out or are established local favourites. Good food is never too far away, with items such as Godminster's cheeses produced in Bruton, Dorset's The Real Cure's charcuterie, and London's Baked by Steph's cookies close at hand.

5. Plant-based cooking

While the trend towards more plant-based eating isn't new, with the cost of living crisis driving more fruguality coupled with increasing mindfulness on sustainabilty, we expect experimenting and cooking more plant-based meals at home to really take-off in 2023.   The great news is that there is now a wealth of fabulous plant-based ingredients and recipes out there. Fin the best of the best vegan food in our marketplace.

For more plant-based inspiration also see our predictions on the top 3 vegan food trends of 2023.

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