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Top 3 Vegan Food Trends of 2023

Top 3 Vegan Food Trends of 2023

Finding supermarket products with the terms “vegan” or “plant-based” used to be pretty unusual—especially if they looked exactly like meat or dairy. But now, in 2022, most consumers wouldn’t blink an eye at a beef-like burger made with peas, chicken-style nuggets made with soy, or milk made from oats. it is not surprising that plant-based food trends are popular today and that they will continue to be in the coming years. So, here are the top three plant-based food trends that will be trending in 2023.

1. Plant-based meat 

Too good to be true? Absolutely not. They’re real and they’re yum. With plant-based chicken having its moment in 2022, this year is all about plant-based fish and bacon. Artisans like Sgaia Foods, The Vegan Bakery Company and Chiki Monkey are delivering fabulous alternatives to bacon, steaks, eggs, pizza toppings and more.

2. Vegan fast-food & snacks

There’s no doubt, 2022 was the year fast-food brands really sunk their teeth into vegan food. Burger King opened temporary 100-percent plant-based locations in a number of countries.

McDonald’s also added the vegan McPlant to its permanent menu in the UK and Ireland. With fast-food brands leading the space, we are now seeing a lot of interest in vegan snacking especially by individuals who’d like to avoid fast food. Great that we have plenty of vegan snacks on our marketplace!

3. Seaweed

The ingredient is versatile; it can be eaten by itself dried, fresh, or added to vegan fish. It’s also nutritious, as it contains a number of antioxidants, as well as iodine, and it’s sustainable. Environmental awareness and fast-growing veganism are the two key driving factors behind the growth of the seaweed market. Our small maker from Falmouth, The Cornish Seaweed Company. They are responsibly harvesting seaweed by free diving. The only ones of their kind in the UK. PS they’ve been featured on The Telegraph, BBC & The Mirror!

If you'd like to know more about the biggest food trends of 2023, check out our latest blog.

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