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TikTok Food Hacks You Need To Know

TikTok Food Hacks You Need To Know

Chances are, if you're not a member of Gen Z, you've tried to avoid TikTok for as long as possible. But—BUT!—it's more than just a collection of bad dances and hard-to-understand memes. Turns out, the people of TikTok are chock-full of food- and kitchen-related knowledge. From dead-simple recipes to mind-blowing shortcuts, there's really something there for everyone. Here are some of the best, TikTok food trends out there: Get ready for a wild ride.

1. Wilting Pasta With Fresh Spinach

Instead of stirring fresh spinach into pasta and waiting for it to cook, TikToker @healthykel's video taught us to put the spinach into a colander and drain the pasta over it. The hot water wilts the spinach right away.

If you feel like trying your hands on this trend, you can shop for pasta right away!

2. Cutting Cake With a Wine Glass

This unique cake-cutting method has been positively blowing up the Internet, and for good reason. It's the perfect way to solve the cake-on-the-go conundrum of whether or not to bring a knife and plates. In the videos, instead of using a knife to cut the cake, everyone goes in with a wineglass and basically scoops a circle of cake for themselves. It ends up inside the glass ready to be eaten (and is great for parties without a lot of seating options!) So whether you're playing host or an attendee, impress everyone with this method and yummy cakes (that can be sent by post!).

3. Orange Juice + Espresso

Need a little caffeine along with your custard yogurt toast for breakfast? How about an orange juice coffee? Yeah, it may sound a bit odd, but many TikTokers swear by the recipe of adding a shot of espresso right into their glass of OJ. This trend makes a bit of sense though—at least in theory—when you consider that the sweetness and acidity of orange juice balance the bitterness of espresso (but you can try it and decide for yourself). Get some coffee to try this trendy drink. 

Want to know more hacks? Comment and let us know.

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