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5 must-have gins worth a spot in your home bar

5 must-have gins worth a spot in your home bar

Any true gin lover will already know the value of the perfect G&T, of an exceptional Martini, and perhaps even a Martinez or a Negroni. They’ll be comfortable with trying new gins, and might even have a favourite.

But with hundreds of craft gins on the market, each with a different flavour profile, proclaiming to be the best, most exciting and unique, it’s hard to know where to begin. So to expand your gin selection and make sure your home bar is well-stocked, here’s a list of the five essential bottles you should have at home.


1. Sweet Potato Raspberry Gin by The Sweet Potato Spirit Company

The powerful fruitiness of the finest English Raspberries, create an immediate impression of Summer. Intense fruit notes are beautifully well rounded by the sweet potato base, allowing some elegant sweetness without tartness.

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2. Hearts Gin Bottle by Brunswick Aces UK

This gin is a warm and inviting blend, leading with spiced notes of cassia bark and ginger, beautifully balanced by sweet citrus and native Australian wattleseed. Tonic is always a great way to highlight the blend, but the spiced palate lends itself to mix nicely with fruity and sweeter mixers. Try combining with strong, bold flavours like yuzu or blood orange to contrast the warmth. 

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3. Rhubarb Old Tom Gin by Orkney Gin Company

Rhubarb Old Tom has picked up many awards for it's unique zingy and lightly sweetend flavour - with a gold in the World Gin Awards and a highly sought after Great Taste Award in it's great repetoir. This gin is made using hand picked and carefully sourced fresh and dried botnicals, so the colouring and flavour may vary slightly in each batch. Pair with delicious tonic, ginger ale, lemonade, even prosecco! 

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4. The Blowing Stone, Wild Strawberry Gin by Hawkridge Distillers

The gin has been distilled with the delicious London Dry recipe as a base, and wild strawberries to create a sweet and aromatic blush pink beauty. Wild strawberries, known to the Anglo-Saxons as ‘streowberigan’ grew wild on grasslands and open woodland. Smaller and sweeter than today’s cultivated strawberries, they were a rare delicacy, providing a subtle burst of sweet berry flavour – very much like this gin.

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5. Bramble Gin Liqueur by Friary Drinks & Still Sisters

Infused with Still Sisters London Dry Gin, which has been distilled with top quality botanicals, this is a delicious drink that can be enjoyed on it's own or as a cocktail, by adding 50ml of this delicious Bramble Gin into a glass and top up with prosecco or Lemonade. Add fresh or frozen berries to garnish, serve and then enjoy.

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If you're shopping for a gin lover then you can also find a hand-picked collection of gin gifts by the UK's best craft distilleries on Yumbles. 

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