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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023

Let's face it, mother's should be celebrated every day but Mother's Day is a helpful annual reminder for us all to really put the effort in!  Get ready to effortlessly celebrate your marvellous Mum and indeed all the Mum's in you life on Sunday 19th March 2023 with our thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Everything in our Mother's Day Gifts collection is special and sure to make Mum beam - who doesn't want a mouth-watering artisan made foodie gift (??) - but in this guide we've curated some of the highlights.

1. Mother's Day Chocolate Tulips, Personalised Flowers Gift Box by The Unique Chocolate (Shop Now)


Chocolate is already a no brainer for most Mums (and there is also a vegan version of this box!), but what makes this box special is the truy stunning artistry of these handcrafted chocolate tulips.  For extra thoughtful points you can also add a personalised message to them.

Shop now >>

2. Vanilla Double Chocolate Mother’s Day Brownie Gift Box by Mode & Grace (Shop Now)


Continuing the theme of a gift combining food with florals is this beautiful brownie gift box.  These artisa bakers decorate their award-winning gorgeously rich, dark and incredibly fudgy large brownie slab with a vanilla white chocolate printed plaque and beautiful pressed edible flowers.  Did we mention, it's big enough for 8 to 12 people so everyone gets to enjoy this treat! 

Shop now >>

3. Large Happy Mother's Day Pork Pie by Bray's Cottage Pork Pies (Shop Now)


For something fun, unexpected and very memorable (also perfect for Mum's not so into the sweet treats) there's this fabulous large handcrafted pork pie from this gourmet pie maker in Norfolk.

Shop now >>

4. Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Delivery Box by Brew & Bakes (Shop Now)


A truly lovely surprise treat at home for magical Mums. This afternoon tea box contains all of the delicious food and drinks needed for a fabulous afternoon tea. 

Shop now >>

5. Mother's Day Gin Heart Bottle by Kindred Spirits (Shop Now)


Gin loving Mums will adore one of these beautiful 200ml heart shaped bottles filled with your choice of best-selling flavoured gins.  Kindred Spirits will also handwrite your own personal message onto the bottle.

Shop now >>

6. Mum You're The Best - Mother's Day Personalised Biscuits Gift by The Kitsch Hen (Shop Now)

Let Mum know you think she is the best with this (almost) too pretty to eat gift box of handcrafted iced biscuits.

Shop now >>

7. Cove Cocktails Cosmopolitan Mother's Day Hamper by Devon Cove (Shop Now)

Enjoy cosmopolitan cocktails (thanks to a simple kit enclosed) while feasting on brownies and chocolates - sounds like our idea of a fabulous hamper and we're pretty sure most Mums would agree!

Shop now >>

8.  'Mother's Day' Chocolates, Brownies and Prosecco by The Sweet Reason Company (Shop Now)

Another winning combination, this special Mother's Day gift box treats Mum to brownie bites, salted caramel filled heart chocolates and a mini bottle of prosecco.

Shop now >>

9. Mum Heart Photo Letterbox Cake by bakerdays (Shop Now)

A lovely and original gift, particularly ideal if you're looking for something to gift on behalf of young children, is this handcrafted cake. Personalise the text and upload your own photo. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, lemon, gluten and dairy free, or vegan!

Shop now >>

You can shop our full Mother's Day gifts range on Yumbles.

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