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The Best Easter Eggs for 2023

The Best Easter Eggs for 2023

The hunt is over for the UK's best Easter Eggs for 2023!  Our Easter Eggs collection features handcrafted Easter eggs by the nation's very best artisan chocolatiers but we've picked out 14* of the most unique eggs. (*We tried to shortlist down to 10, but we just couldn't do it!).

From dazzlingly decorative eggs to incredible new flavours and even a non-chocolate option or two, there's something for every bunny. (If we can't overuse puns at Easter when can we?!)

So without futher ado...

1.  Solid Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg (750g) by The Solid Chocolate Company (Shop Now)

Three quarters of a kilo of fine quality Belgian milk chocolate - this is the original solid chocolate egg and a fast sellout every year.  It's also nut free.

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2. Afternoon Tea, Large Milk Chocolate Easter Egg by Davenport's Chocolates (Shop Now)


This Gatehead-based chocolatier has some incredible Easter Eggs for this year but an egg that encapsulates tea drinking just had to make our shortlist.

Shop now >>

3. Chocolate Easter Egg by ChoColours (Shop Now)

These hand-painted Easter Eggs are just too beautiful for words.

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4. Runny Chocolate Easter Egg by Coco Chemistry (Shop Now)

When two chemists become chocolatiers you get the most imaginative of Easter eggs.  A satin finished chopped milk egg with a piped white chocolate runny egg on top, complete with yolk.

Shop now >> 

5. Personalised Plant-based Artisan M*lk Chocolate Easter Egg by Luisa's Vegan Chocolates (Shop Now)

This award-winning vegan chocolatier makes her Easter eggs with Casholate; an incredibly velvety plant-based alternative to milk chocolate that melts in the mouth. Nutty notes, enhanced with authentic Madagascan vanilla... The creamiest, better than dairy milk chocolate you have ever tasted.

Shop now >> 

6. The Ultimate Chocolate Egg by Hollychocs (Shop Now)

The "Ultimate" name is more than delivered with this gorgeous egg loaded with honeycomb, hazelnut pralines, multi-award-winning Icelandic lava salt caramel egglets, homemade marshmallow chocolates and chocolate pebbles.    

Shop now >>

7. Floral Easter Egg by Mode & Grace (Shop Now)

This chocolate flat egg is like no other, beautifully created to delight the eyes and dazzle the taste buds. An incredible visual treat. 

Shop now >>

8. Caramel Latte Eco Egg by Coco Chemistry (Shop Now)

One for the coffee lovers! The egg is made from creamy, caramelised blonde chocolate perfectly balanced with a sprinkling of chocolate barn blend ground espresso beans.

Shop now >>

9. Hepple Gin Truffles Milk Chocolate Easter Egg by Davenport's Chocolates (Shop Now)


This luxurious egg is handcrafted, made with smooth milk chocolate, and filled with 6 exquisite Hepple Gin Truffles.

Shop now >>

11. Hot Cross Bun & Praline Easter Egg Half by Cocoa Delicious (Shop Now)

Hollow Easter eggs are out. Luxury filled eggs are in!  This dark chocolate half egg shell is filled with hot cross bun caramel and hazelnut praline. Handcrafted in Norfolk, it will knock your socks off.

Shop now >>

12. Personalised Small Easter Egg by Langley's Rocky Road (Shop Now)

A thick handmade Easter Egg with 5 Rocky Road Chocolates and your own personalised message on the centre of the egg.

Shop now >>

13. Crème Brûlée Eco Easter Egg by Coco Chemistry (Shop Now

Get ready to drool over this one! The taste and texture of a creamy crème brûlée in a delicate white chocolate egg. The egg's shell is speckled with brûlée sugar for a satisfying crunch and real vanilla seeds for an extra aromatic punch.

Shop now >>

14. Cheddar Cheese Easter Egg - Letterbox Gift Set by Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses (Shop Now)

And last but not least, we have to include this fabulous alternative to a chocolate egg!  The one and only Cheddar Cheese Egg delivered through your letterbox!

Shop now >>

You can shop the full Easter gifts range on Yumbles.

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