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Why Cucumber Water Should Be Your Go-To Summer Drink

Why Cucumber Water Should Be Your Go-To Summer Drink

We all know the pros of drinking more water. It's essential for good health, weight loss, staying hydrated and keeping you going. The problem is - many of us find is that it's pretty damn boring to drink plain water all day. So what should we do? Add fruit! 

When you're looking for something to quench your thirst that’s a bit more interesting than water - add sliced cucumber (yes this is in fact a fruit, not a vegetable!). Here’s why we think cucumber water should be your go-to summer drink...


  • It Looks Great. Put a jug of cucumber water on the table at your barbeque or dinner party and it will get many more wow comments than a jug of plain water.


  • Taste Great. As cucumber contains a lot of water itself, the taste isn’t overpowering or difficult to drink but instead cooling and refreshing.


  • Hydrating. The trick with flavouring your water is that it will unconsciously make you drink more throughout the day. Staying hydrated is important not only in the summer heat but all year round to get rid of toxins in your body and to give you more energy.


  • Curbs Hunger. Your brain receives the same message when you're both hungry and thirsty. In between meals if your feeling that rumbling in your stomach you may just be thirsty, stay clear of the biscuits and drink cucumber water. 


  • Low Calorie. With less than 50 calories in a whole cucumber, a few slices added to your water won’t go straight to your belly. It’s a healthy alternative to fruit flavour squash without the calories and sugars.


  • Added Vitamins and Minerals. Water on it’s own is not particularly high in essential vitamins and minerals, but when adding fruit such as cucumber, your body gets it from natural sources.


  • Contains Silica. Keeping hydrated is good for you full stop, but the silica in cucumbers adds those extra benefits. It is widely used for acne, redness and blemishes and can soothe the skin. It is also known to help maintain health in your muscles, so also a good combination with weight training. 


Don’t be afraid to add a whole load of other fruits to your cucumber water to make it taste even more fruity and refreshing! Try adding lemons, limes, mint, strawberries and anything else that takes your fancy. What’s your favourite combination? Let us know!

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