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Why I’m Going Green for Meatless Monday

Why I’m Going Green for Meatless Monday

The meat free trend is on the rise. More and more of us are becoming concerned with what we’re eating and where our food comes from. While I’m not ready to go fully vegetarian (yet!), here’s why I’m ditching meat for Meatless Monday.

For my Health

Saturated fats in meat and processed meats have been the culprit for my weight gain! Meat increases the chance of people becoming overweight. America is one of the most obese nations in the world, and it’s no doubt due to their extremely high meat consumption. Going meat free once a week will help with my calorie intake. Going meat free doesn’t mean you’re restricted to salad. I’m actually looking forward to consuming more plant-based foods such as whole grains, fruits, beans, legumes and protein-rich tofu and soy. These foods provide our bodies with lots of nutrients to help us function and stay healthy. High saturated fats in meat are linked to heart related diseases, strokes and diabetes. By replacing meat with plant-based foods I will significantly reduce the chances of having these problems.

For the Environment

Over 70% of our agricultural land is used for livestock. The demand for meat is placing strain on the environment due to the water, feed, greenhouse gases and fuel used to produce the amounts of meat we buy. According to information on the Meatless Monday brand website, over 8400 litres of water are needed to produce a half-kilo of beef, compared to only 177 litres used to produce the same amount of vegetables. We also exert so much energy to produce the grains and feed for the animals - which could be used to feed people all over the world!

For the Animals

Many people avoid meat due to the cruelty of killing animals. With the demand for meat rising, more factory farms are being used and more animals are being crammed together in smaller spaces. These factory farms often use inhumane methods of slaughter and cause the animals suffering throughout their life. According to PETA, chickens are kept in small confined places with no room to move - yes, even some of the “free range” ones!

Swapping the steak for a meat free alternative at least once a week will do my body, the environment and animals a lot of good. Even if you’re not prepared to ditch the meat, you can still be more aware of where meat comes from and stick to locally produced farm foods, which will be a whole lot better than eating the processed stuff that most of us are used to. 

Is anyone else going Meatless on Monday? I'd love to hear your meat-free recipes!

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