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Healthy Makeover: Cheesecake

Healthy Makeover: Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love a good cheesecake?!  New York, Vanilla, Chocolate, our office favourite - peanut butter….Sadly, the fruity toppings aren’t enough to make cheesecake a guilt-free treat. The combination of buttery biscuit base and cream cheese topping means you can be packing-in as much as 500 calories per slice! Shop bought cheese cakes are often packed with other unhealthy ingredients such as fructose syrup, artificial flavourings and raising agents too.  

If you’re making your own cheesecake at home, here are a few ideas you could use to make your cheesecake a more virtuous treat.


The Base:

Traditional cheesecake bases are made with butter and sugar-laden biscuits. An easy way to reduce the calories and fat is simply by making a thinner base. A thin layer of biscuit base is still enough to give you that satisfying taste and crunch.

You could also try adding some chopped walnuts to the base for an Omega 3 boost, and substituting some (or all) of the butter for almond butter or coconut oil. Both are a great source of healthy fats, meaning you can feel good about indulging in a slice (or two!)

The Topping:

Cream cheese, sugar and soured cream make for a moreish cheesecake topping, but again - pack in the calories and fat. Replace some of the cream cheese with 0% fat greek yoghurt, or use a low fat cream cheese instead. You could even substitute cream cheese altogether and use a topping made of pureed, soaked cashews - sweetened with a little maple syrup or agave.   A popular solution often found in vegan cakes.  Trust us, it works!

To finish, simply add your favourite toppings and fruits. We love adding cacao nibs and almond butter to the crust, then adding finely chopped strawberries on top. What are your favourite cheesecake hacks?

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