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20 Cheats To A Guilt-Free Barbecue

20 Cheats To A Guilt-Free Barbecue

Summer is here, which means it's time to bring out the trusty old barbecue again! If you're on a health kick or watching your weight, barbecues can be a danger zone. From sugar-laden cocktails to fatty meat, calorific lager to chips and dips, it's hard to resist! Fear not though - if you're the one hosting, it's easy to bring the calorie count down. 

Here are 20 cheats to help you thrown a guilt-free barbecue:

  1. Use greek yogurt instead of sour cream: it has less calories but is packed with protein and healthy bacteria.
  2. Guacamole is a dip that tastes gorgeous, is really simple to make and is full of fibre and healthy fats.
  3. Not so keen on guacamole? A fruity salsa is the perfect alternative: healthy, spicy and fruity.
  4. Exchange chips for crudités: they’re healthy, taste great and add color to your table.
  5. Stop people from double-dipping by putting limited amounts of dip in individual ramekin bowls. They look much better than plastic tubs, too!
  6. Spice up your salad by adding seasonal fruit - everyone will want to try it! 
  7. Making lettuce-free salad on hot days to avoid limp and unappealing leaves that no-one wants to eat.
  8. Add shavings of cheese to your salad to tempt people to eat the healthier options.
  9. Swap processed salad dressing for home-made vinaigrette, or buy a high quality artisan dressing made with no artificial nasties. 
  10. Swap mayonnaise for herb vinegar to give your potato salad an original spicy twist.
  11. Add fresh herbs to your salad for an additional vitamin boost. They'll taste great too! 
  12. Have coleslaw without the mayonnaise, it still tastes great!
  13. Baking a sweet potato and filling it with exciting peppers and other vegetables will make everyone forget about the coleslaw.
  14. Swap fatty burgers for lean-cut steaks.
  15. Try getting either sirloin or rump steaks, which are lower in fat and taste great. Tuna steak is another great option. 
  16. Ban hot dogs! They're full of unhealthy, processed nastiness. Full stop. 
  17. Swap red meat for marinaded chicken if you're watching your weight, as it's a lot lower in fat. 
  18. Make prawn or vegetable kebabs - they're really easy to make, incredibly tasty and make a nice change from meat.
  19. Limit the amount of sugar you consume by opting for spirts and mixers rather than strong lager or wine. Even better, make your own cucumber or lemon water. 
  20. Grilled fruit makes for a delicious low calorie pudding. Try sliced bananas and pineapple!

Keep these in mind and you’re guaranteed to enjoy a guilt-free barbecue. Have you got any tips or recipes for healthy and delicious summer food? Share below!

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