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Ginger: Your New Best Friend

Ginger: Your New Best Friend

It’s official, Ginger is your new best friend in sickness and in health - literally. This strong-flavoured spice is top of the list when it comes to making us feel better, and most of us have no idea just how powerful this food can be. It has been used for years for its medicinal properties, and is considered somewhat of a wonder-cure for travel sickness - so crack open the Ginger beers on those long car journeys!

You’ll find no shortage of ginger in the shops: it comes in many different ways and some are much stronger than others, such as root ginger - unfortunately, chewing on a slice of this is the best way to relieve sickness! Don’t worry too much as other ginger products are still just as great, like ginger tea, crystallised ginger, ginger powder, and even ginger ice cream - our favourite! Spice up your life with ginger and take advantage of its many health benefits…


Not only does it work wonders for motion sickness, it’s also a natural way to suppress mild morning sickness. Drinking ginger ale, chewing tablets or even better, eating raw ginger can help sickness sufferers have a few hours with their head away from the toilet and calm the stomach.


If you’re experiencing a little extra gas or stomach pains and aches then ginger could well just be the cure you're looking for. It helps soothe the intestines and is an all-round friend to the digestive system, something we definitely want to be looking after!


The downsides of winter and growing older each year bring with it stiff joints, aches and pains that makes us that little bit slower at getting out of bed. Ginger has been known to treat inflammation which is what causes the joints to become painful, and in some cases it can help those with osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis. Introducing ginger into your diet everyday may just make daily movements that little bit easier!


The dreaded cold - it kicks us when we’re down and spreads around the office like wildfire, and as we all know there is simply no cure. We’ve tried it, and yes - ginger is the new Lemsip! Whip up some ginger tea to help relieve a sore throat and blocked nose, or just to warm you up on those wintery days.


But fear not, it’s not all about chomping on sticks of ginger: there are loads of tasty ways to include ginger in your diet. We recommend using it in stir-fries, curries and of course, the humble homemade gingerbread man!

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