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The Ultimate Avocado Toast

The Ultimate Avocado Toast

We know slicing some avocado on toast can sound really simple, and you're probably thinking that there’s only so many ways to do it, right? Well if you’re a regular avocado freak, then you may be getting slightly bored of plain old toast and feel the need to start pimping it out a little. If so, you're going to love this guide to the ultimate avocado toast! 


First Things First - Get the Right Bread

I like to stay clear of white bread for avocado toast: it’s unhealthy, hard to digest and just doesn’t taste great. Choosing the right bread is crucial to your overall enjoyment, and a seeded crunchy option makes a truly delicious contrast with the soft, creamy texture of the avocado. Instead of white bread, why not try ciabatta or sourdough? Seeded or wholemeal bread is good too.


Choose the Right Avocado

When buying your avocados, check they can be squeezed together slightly in your hand and aren’t too firm. If they aren’t fully ripe then you'll need to wait - there's no point bothering with an avocado that's hard, tasteless and impossible to mash!  


Mix-Up Your Toppings

Avocado is a great base on toast instead of butter and is much healthier. It’s so versatile that you can pretty much add anything on top and it will work a treat! Why not try these combinations?


  • Combine cream cheese and sliced avocado with black pepper, chopped spring onions and a few chilli flakes - a decadent breakfast guaranteed to set you up for the day ahead!

  • Mash your avocado with a fork and add some finely chopped tomatoes to the mix, before topping with a perfectly poached egg. The ultimate avocado toast, in my book. 

  • Add some olives, goats cheese and sundried tomatoes for Mediterranean-inspired indulgence.

  • Guacamole on toast! Finely slice avocado, tomatoes, onion and half a chilli. Add it to a food processor with a splash of lime juice and olive oil, then mix for perfect guacamole. 

  • A great autumn special - mash avocado on toast and top with sliced apple and stilton.

  • Finally, if you’re feeling slightly posh, then try a salmon brunch and a glass of fizz. Smash avocado on to warm ciabatta and top with finely sliced red onion and smoked salmon. I don't eat fish since going vegetarian, but loved this when I did! 


What's your favourite avocado toast recipe? If you have any suggestions, leave a comment to let me know. 

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