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Buy or DIY? BBQ Sauce

Buy or DIY? BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce is the perfect partner for meat. We love it on ribs, burgers, pulled pork and everything meaty: but do we really know what goes into it? BBQ Sauce is sometimes thought of as a low fat sauce - especially when compared with other condiments like mayonnaise. But what BBQ Sauce lacks in fat, it makes up for in sugar and other questionable ingredients. Fat replacers are often used to give shop-bought sauces a thick, smooth texture - usually something like corn syrup or Xanthan gum.

Of course, the convenience of shop-bought sauce is hard to beat. So when it comes to BBQ Sauce - should you buy or DIY? 

Shop-Bought BBQ Sauce

We all love the sweet and tangy taste of BBQ Sauce. However, the reason shop-bought BBQ Sauces taste sweet is because of the amount of sugar added to them. According to WebMD, 100 ml of your typical shop-bought sauce contains over 20 grams of sugar. Nearly as much as found in a can of coke! 

Another problem with shop-bought sauces is that they can contain artificial colours and preservatives, such as sulphites. Some people are sensitive to sulphur dioxide (commonly found in bottled BBQ Sauce). Sodium Metabisulphite is another ingredient we should try to stay clear of.

Homemade BBQ Sauce

Homemade sauce requires no time at all to prepare, and all you need are some basic ingredients. Fry-up some onions and chopped garlic in a pan. Add vinegar, chopped tomatoes and some crushed pineapple, then heat for ten minutes in a pan. Season, taste (add a little brown sugar if required), then blend until smooth. 

Making your own sauce will ensure no harmful chemicals or preservatives creep their way into your food. You can tinker with the ingredients to suit your taste too! What tips do you have for making the best homemade BBQ Sauce? Are there any sauces on the market that you’d recommend? Share below!

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