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Feel Fuller for Longer: Add Avocado to your Lunch

Feel Fuller for Longer: Add Avocado to your Lunch

Avocado can be a confusing one to know whether to eat lots of or not, especially when trying to shed a few pounds. It is true, they are high in fat...with nearly 300 calories in one avocado, it can be pretty daunting to eat if you're being health-conscious! However, this type of fat is extremely good for us and has lead to the labelling of avocados as a superfood..

The fats in avocados are a healthy substitute for the saturated and trans ‘bad’ fats you find in cakes, processed meats and full fat dairy. One-fifth of an avocado can contain up to 20 vitamins and minerals and a whole one can take you up to half of your RDA of dietary fibre. If that isn’t a good enough reason to eat them then maybe their ability to curb your appetite will...

  • High in Fibre. This is a big factor in avocados ability to help you from junk eating in between meals and keeping you full for hours. Our bodies need fibre to keep everything running smoothly and help us have a healthy digestive system. Alongside this it slows down the process of breaking down carbohydrates in our bodies, in turn making us feel fuller for longer.

  • Contain Oleic Acid. This acid is found in avocados and many other healthy fatty foods. It plays a part in sending a message to your brain to tell it that you're full and stop you craving foods in between meals. Eating more foods that contain this acid will in fact be useful for those wanting to lose weight or are trying to get fit. Even though avocados are high in fat, the hunger preventing nature of them will help you from snacking or eating guilt-trip foods. 

High in fibre and low in carbs, eating whole natural foods such as avocados can have many health benefits when eating regularly. Don’t be put off by their high fat content, just remember that they’re the healthy kind we want to be eating more of!

Avocados are such a versatile food that you can add it to any meal of the day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try it with poached or scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast for a filling breakfast to keep you going all day. The options are endless with this fruit and can be used in many ways, by adding avocado to your lunch or any other meal will help you feel fuller for longer. If you're an avocado-lover like us, let us in on your top recipes!

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